Victim of Workplace Racism jailed for Battering Man

A man who had been the victim of racism in the workplace has been jailed for brutally beating a member of the public who lashed out at him.

Victim of Workplace Racism jailed for Battering Man f

"Lallie was wearing a steel bangle around his wrist."

Tirminder Singh Lallie, aged 37, of Oldbury, was jailed for one year for battering a member of the public after believing he was being subjected to racism.

His reaction came as a result of suffering racism in the workplace.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how a painter was working in Perry Hill Road at about 3 pm on August 4, 2021.

The man was putting a ladder in his van when he saw Lallie’s Range Rover heading towards him.

He thought Lallie was driving too quickly so waved his hand at the driver, gesturing at him to slow down.

Prosecutor Ilana Davis said the car came to a “sudden halt”. Lallie shouted and swore from the car window before getting out and “charging” towards the man.

Lallie became “aggressive’ and said “I will knock your block off” before “getting in the man’s face”.

The man asked Lallie if he was on drugs, with him replying:

“I could be.”

At this point, the man was holding a pole and then used it to hit Lallie over the head twice. Lallie hit the man back, causing him to “stagger”.

The victim returned another blow.

Lallie got the man in a headlock before punching him several times.

Ms Davis said: “Lallie was wearing a steel bangle around his wrist. He pulled it over his fingers as he punched.”

Members of the public then intervened, with Lallie walking off into a nearby property. The victim went to hospital, where medics glued back together two cuts to his head.

In a statement, the victim claimed Lallie’s “unprovoked attack” stopped him from working for a few days and he is now worried about bumping into Lallie when out.

Ms Davis said: “He described being horrified and scared that his injuries could have been worse if others had not come to help him.”

John Richards, defending, said Lallie only fought back because he believed he was being fronted with an incident of racism.

He said: “He should not have done it. He accepts that. He accepts what he did was wrong.”

It comes after previous abuse in the workplace over his religion and appearance destroyed his mental health and left him “angry”.

Lallie was also sentenced for a separate incident which occurred in July 2022.

PCSO Sajid Khan was in Marshall Road with a colleague when the pair spotted Lallie driving a van.

They decided to pursue the vehicle after being concerned with Lallie’s driving.

Officers indicated they wanted to speak to Lallie when he pulled over near a One Stop store, in Castle Road West.

They told him to wait but Lallie went into the store.

Lallie was spoken to about his driving when he returned to his van but he claimed officers were “lying”.

He then became “aggressive” as he went back inside his van.

PCSO Khan stood in front of the driver’s door but Lallie closed it, making contact with the officer.

Lallie exited the van and again became “aggressive” as he pointed his finger in the officer’s face and said:

“I don’t like the police.”

He also told officers to “f*** off” before driving away.

Lallie admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a basis, stating he had assaulted the painter but it was “excessive self defence”.

He also admitted threatening behaviour relating to the incident with the PCSO.

District Judge Lower said:

“It strikes me that both of these incidents came about because you’re an angry man.”

“At your previous place of work, you suffered abuse because of your religion because of how you look and that’s had an impact on your mental health and you have been taking medication as a result of that.

“This means you react badly to things you perceive are either racist towards you or difficult in terms of going about your day-to-day business.”

The judge said there was “no way of knowing” whether Lallie had been called a “brown b******”.

He added: “Whatever the rights and wrongs of this incident, you accepted that you went completely over the top in retaliation.

“You could have easily done something else – walked away, called the police.”

In addition to being jailed for one year, Lallie must also pay £100 to the officer.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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