Urfi Javed shares WhatsApp chats of Man demanding ‘Video Sex’

Urfi Javed revealed that the man who demanded video sex has been blackmailing her by threatening to distribute her morphed pictures.

Urfi Javed shares WhatsApp chats of Man demanding 'Video Sex' - f

"He was blackmailing me to cyber rape me"

Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed, who is known for her risqué fashion, has filed an FIR against a man who demanded video sex from her.

She shared a few screenshots of her WhatsApp chat and revealed that the man has been blackmailing her for the last two years by threatening to distribute her morphed pictures.

While sharing his image on Instagram, Urfi wrote: “So this man has been harassing me for so long and now I had it.

“2 years back someone morphed my photo and started distributing it, I had already filed a police complaint about that 2 years back and I went through hell at that time.

“I even uploaded a post 2 years which is still there on my profile. This man got a hold of that picture and had been blackmailing me to have video sex with him or else he will distribute the picture on various Bollywood pages and ruin my career.”

Describing his actions as ‘cyber rape’, Urfi also shared her disappointment with the Mumbai Police for not taking any action against the man even after filing an FIR.

She also shared a picture of him with his best friend and her sister whom she has worked with.

However, Urfi claimed that the sisters ignored her and supported the man.

She wrote: “Yes, he was blackmailing me to cyber rape me (that’s the word for it). This man is a threat to society and women. He shouldn’t be allowed to live freely. The last picture is of his best friend, sera Kishore.

“I had worked with her sister Ashna Kishore, I contacted the sisters, sent them proof how he’s been blackmailing me and what all he has done to other girls but guess what, these girls bluntly chose to ignore the proofs and supported him saying all 50 girls are lying including me! Wow.

“These girls were chilling with this man the night he started blackmailing me, I tried contacting them but no response, no help.”

Urfi concluded: “Idk what action police will take now but just wanted to tell everyone about this man who is freely working in the Punjab industry.”

After reading her post, Rakhi Sawant commented on Urfi’s post assuring her that if she needs any kind of help, she is with her in her battle:

“Ok tell me if you need any help I’m always with u.”

Urfi Javed was admitted to the hospital last week after falling sick.

Speaking of her health, the actress gave an interview to ETimes TV and said: “I wasn’t feeling good. I had a high fever and was very low on energy.

“It was a viral fever but I didn’t take care of myself because of which it reached a point that I had to be hospitalised.

“I was there for two days and on August 7, I got back home feeling much better.”

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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