Triple Murderer wants Protection after Racist Attack in Prison

Kevan Thakrar, a triple assassin, was harmed in a racially motivated attack. Campaigners are also protesting for his protection behind bars.

Triple Murderer wants Protection after Racist Attack in Prison f

"Move Kevan out of this dangerous environment"

Triple murderer, Kevan Thakrar demands protection in prison after being the victim of a racist attack on December 23, 2019.

The 31-year-old was in the canteen to collect his meal when the incident occurred. Thakrar was stabbed four times with a sharpened piece of wood at HMP Full Sutton in East Yorkshire by a ”known racist.”

Despite the staff at the prison not calling for an ambulance, Thakrar was treated by two nurses. His treatment took place on the prison wing for puncture wounds.

The triple murderer killed three men in a drug-related incident and further attempted to murder two women in 2007. He was convicted and is currently serving three life sentences.

His accomplice in this treacherous act was his brother Miran, who was also convicted. Thakrar used a submachine gun to murder the men.

He was detained under the controversial enterprise law. This meant he did not have to be present while the crime was being committed in order to be arrested.

At his previous prison, in 2011, the triple murderer was accused of assaulting four prison guards. Later he was cleared on these charges.

In 2016, Thakrar won more than £1000 in compensation for the damage prison guards caused to his belongings in a separate case. As a result of these incidences, he was moved from prison.

It was revealed the prisoner informed the prison and Ministry of Justice about the threats of violence from the ”racist” prisoner.

His representative made it clear that these threats have been ongoing since his arrival to the prison. However, no action was ever taken in response.

The Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC), of which Thakrar is a member, contacted the Ministry of Justice and the Governor of HMP Full Sutton, Gareth Sands.

They demanded the prisoner be moved out of the Close Supervision Centre and moved to a safer prison. One that allows him to be closer to his family. A spokeswoman for IWOC, Ceri Paine, stated:

”The lack of regard for the safety and well-being of prisoners held in Close Supervision Centres across the country is a national scandal.

”Prison and government officials have been aware of the danger that racist prisoners at HMP Full Sutton presented to Kevan (Thakrar) for months now and have refused to act, putting his life at risk.

”HM Prisons and Probation Service must now act to move Kevan out of this dangerous environment and closer to home to enable him to maintain vital family ties.”

According to The Yorkshire Post, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said:

”A prisoner received medical treatment after being assaulted by an offender at HMP Full Sutton on 23 December.

”The incident is being referred to the police so it would in inappropriate to comment further.”

The spokesperson continued to mention what action is being taken to reduce in-prison violence, saying:

”We are investing £100 million, as part of a broader £2.75 billion programme in society to cut violence in prisons.”

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