Sukhbir: ‘Misleading’ & ‘Fake Numbers’ won’t make a Hit Song

The Prince of Bhangra, Sukhbir, has expressed his disapproval of artists ‘misleading’ and buying ‘fake views’ to make their songs popular.

Sukhbir_ 'Misleading' & 'Fake Numbers' won't make a Hit Song f

"All this affects your creativity.”

Known as the Prince of Bhangra, Sukhbir voices his disapproval against artists buying ‘fake likes and views’ in order to achieve success.

The digital boom is certainly soaring high. Sukhbir, who acknowledges that this has opened gateways for independent artists, believes certain individuals are misusing it.

Sukhbir, who recently released his track titled ‘Nachdi’ (2020) has understood the power of the digital boom.

Speaking about the unfairness of trying to wrongfully make your songs popular, the singer said:

“If the song is good, people will anyway listen to it. Abhi kuch din pehle maine aise ek do Hindi gaane ke baare mein suna ki they’ve reached a billion mark in a few days, but I’ve never heard those songs.

“I also asked a few of my friends who said the same thing. I don’t think misleading people with these fake numbers makes a song hit.”

Sometimes waiting for a record deal can lead to a lot of time being wasted for an upcoming artist. Instead, Sukhbir advises potential singers to release their music online. He explains:

“If music is your passion, then you don’t have to be at the mercy of anyone.

“Create your song, and release it in one of the streaming platforms and get started.”

Sukhbir is known for his songs such as ‘Oh Ho Ho Ho’ and ‘Sauda Khara Khara’. These hit songs have also been reworked for the Bollywood films, Hindi Medium (2017) and Good Newwz (2019) respectively.

He also revealed that he is open to the idea of his latest single, ‘Nachdi’ being recreated for a Bollywood film. He adds:

“My focus right now is on being an independent artiste. If you’re a part of a label, they expect you to do certain things that they want, while in a Bollywood film, there are many opinions involved.

“All this affects your creativity.”

Sukhbir acknowledges that favouritism exists in the music industry, therefore he does not approach labels or films. He explained:

“This is the reason why I don’t approach filmmakers or labels myself. They usually come to me. When that happens, I have an upper hand.

“Many a times I told them that if you use my song in the film then I also would feature in it as I want visibility and why not? Though some show reluctance initially, later they agree.”

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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