Kanika Kapoor labels Remixes ‘Insane’ & ‘Pathetic’

Indian singer, Kanika Kapoor, has criticised Bollywood remixes as “insane” and “pathetic” despite her association with them. Find out more.

Kanika Kapoor labels Remixes ‘Insane’ & ‘Pathetic’ f

“Some are insane, some are pathetic."

Indian singer, Kanika Kapoor, has candidly spoken about her views on Bollywood remixes as she labelled them “insane” and “pathetic.”

In 2020, Kanika Kapoor was one of the most searched celebrities after her Covid-19 controversy.

The singer was accused of attending a party despite being tested positive for Covid-19.

However, it appears the singer has put the controversy behind her and she is enjoying some quality time with her family in London.

According to an interaction with ETimes, Kanika Kapoor opened up about her musical journey, thoughts on remixes and much more.

Recently, Bollywood has reworked many songs from ‘The Humma Song’ from Ok Jannu (2017) to ‘Tamma Tamma Again’ from Badrinath Ki Dulhania (2017).

While some Bollywood remixes have been applauded by fans, others have been condemned.

Speaking about her views on remixes, Kanika Kapoor said:

“Some are insane, some are pathetic. I am also doing them and I hope that the ones I do, I don’t kill them because it’s just ridiculous.

“They’re picking up a beautiful Hemant Kumar song and killing it. It’s not the best idea.”

The singer went on to describe her musical journey from ‘Jugni’ to ‘Jugni 2.0’. She explained:

“I feel lucky and blessed that all the hard work has paid off. I started out at the age of 12 and what a journey it has been! When I performed on the All India Radio as a child artiste, I realised that I wanted to get into music professionally.

“I had also won one of the inter-school competitions in Lucknow. All this made me – a little girl from a conservative family – feel like a star.

“It gave me the confidence to believe that I could do something with my life. I did everything I could for many, many years but got my break almost 20 years later.

“It was challenging because I didn’t come from a musical background; my father is a businessman. I think I’m still learning more and more about this job, every single day.

“‘Jugni’ was a passion project and ‘Jugni 2.0’ was just making sure that the song was heard by the whole generation.”

Kanika Kapoor also addressed her Covid-19 controversy saying:

“I don’t even know why the whole controversy happened. I’m a normal person; I did not go against the law. When I landed in India on March 9, there was no quarantine law, no checkups at the airport.

“So, I went home and everything was fine. I went to see my parents in Lucknow because I had a week off. Obviously, if I had known that I was high-risk, I would have stayed away from my father and my grandmother who is 92.

“There’s no way I would even go near them, but I was with them the whole week. Thankfully, they were all okay. Nobody caught the virus from me.

“But it was something that shook me up badly because the whole nation hated me and called me all sorts of things. It was not very nice. But you live and learn. I learned a lot from it and I forgive them.”

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