STEM v COVID-19 urges Expert & Tech Company Help

Volunteer-led organisation STEM v COVID-19 has requested help from experts and technology companies in order to combat Coronavirus.

STEM v COVID-19 urges Expert & Tech Company Help f

The organisation has decided to take action.

STEM v COVID-19 was launched on March 27, 2020, in response to recent events and the announcements around the increased uncertainty of the coming months.

The organisation is now urging expert and technology help in order to tackle Coronavirus.

It is a volunteer-led organisation which brings together advisory STEM experts with technology companies that are responding to COVID-19.

The network of STEM experts are volunteering their skills in an advisory capacity to technology companies who need their help.

The main objective is to increase all response time against COVID-19 through knowledge sharing.

By working together, the organisation can broaden their own understanding and collaborate on solutions.

The organisation aims to do this by bringing together STEM experts from a variety of fields and matching them with companies that require urgent advice for faster response.

Technology companies are also connected with STEM experts by sending out one email each day with a list of companies and the advice they are looking for.

STEM experts can sign up to the searchable database and offer their support, where the technology can look up their skillset and reach out to them.

STEM v COVID-19 works directly with government bodies by connecting them with their network of experts for planning advice in COVID-19 strategy and response preparation.

The organisation has decided to take action. The challenges are evident but by collectively increasing their response time to the virus, it will provide a better chance to save lives.

Health care systems, governments and community groups are working under extreme strain.

The technology industry has come forward with support to fight this pandemic by providing vital aid to prevent systems from collapsing under pressure.

It is evident that the goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing in order to increase response times.

STEM v COVID-19 is building a shareable and searchable database in order to allow this to happen.

The Coronavirus has spread all over the world and the organisation believes their response and commitment to it must also.

They have urged those who can help to enlist themselves as the world needs them more than ever.

If you are a STEM expert or a technology company tackling COVID-19, please head over to the website.

If you are a technology company tacking COVID-19 and require STEM advice, please fill out this Google form.

If you are a STEM Expert and can provide advice, please fill out this Google form.

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