How to maintain Stylish Fingernails with Hygiene?

Having unclean fingernails can leave them looking bad and can even lead to bacterial diseases. Here is how to maintain them with hygiene.

How to maintain Stylish Fingernails with Hygiene_

"cleaning hands can cause more damage than good."

One might wish for long, stylish and polished fingernails.

However, if they are not properly cleaned and maintained, the same long nails can look bad.

Along with looking disgusting, unhygienic fingernails also lead to a range of bacterial diseases like diarrhoea.

The managing director of KAI India, Rajesh U Pandya explained that longer nails harbour more dirt and bacteria than short nails.

Talking to IANS life, he further explained:

“Fingernails should be kept short, and the undersides should be cleaned frequently to maintain nail hygiene.

“At the same time, it is important to keep a tab on how you clean the nails.

“Unless the means are safe, the process of cleaning hands can cause more damage than good.”

Maintaining Hygiene

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Pandya explained that hands and nails should be washed thoroughly using lukewarm water and soap. He further explained:

“If you handle stronger dirt like grease, you may want to use a pair of gloves while working or use a specific cleaner for that specific type of dirt.”

Pandya said that one must also dry their hands properly after washing as moist hands may attract germs that proliferate in a damp environment and facilitate their spread.

He further explained that trimming and filing nails regularly prevent them from breaking.

However, the frequency of trimming fingernails depends on the nail growth rate of each individual.

One must also ensure that all nail treatment equipment, especially nail clippers, and files are properly cleaned and sanitised before each use.

Sterilising nail grooming equipment is essential as they are usually shared among a number of people both at home and in grooming salons.

Pandya notes that many people are not adequately conscious of the necessity to keep hands clean. He explained:

“Negligence towards hand hygiene can cause a series of diseases, bacterial and viral infections, including the deadly Covid-19.

“Considering that fingernails can harbour tons of dirt and debris and can become Covid-19‘s first route of communication, keeping our hands, and by extension our nails, clean is crucial.

“So, don’t let germs make you fall sick. Clean your hands well so you can eat well, and stay healthy.”

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