Sheetal Patra files Complaint over Intimate Video Leaks

Odia actress Sheetal Patra has filed a police complaint after several intimate videos of her were leaked online.

Sheetal Patra files Complaint over Intimate Video Leaks f

Dayanidhi took intimate photos and videos

Odia actress Sheetal Patra has filed a police complaint after intimate videos of her were leaked.

She has claimed that filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima was responsible for the leaks, accusing him of harassment.

Sheetal filed a complaint at Laxmisagar Police Station and according to her complaint, she initially had a good professional relationship with Dayanidhi.

It soon turned into a romantic relationship.

However, things took a turn when Sheetal said she wanted to work with other filmmakers.

It is alleged that during their relationship, Dayanidhi took intimate photos and videos of Sheetal without her consent, later using them as a blackmail tool.

According to Sheetal’s complaint, the filmmaker subjected her to sexual harassment and mental abuse.

She also claimed that Dayanidhi also targeted her mother and brother.

It is believed that the videos and pictures were taken while they were in a relationship in 2019.

Dayanidhi reportedly threatened to expose the intimate pictures to her mother and friends if she did not comply with his demands.

The blackmail even saw Sheetal being pressured to return all professional payments where he had involvement.

Sheetal also claimed that Dayanidhi physically assaulted her.

In the complaint, she said he groped and assaulted her at her college in front of other students. The incident also saw him tear her uniform, causing Sheetal further distress and humiliation.

To tarnish her reputation, Dayanidhi allegedly published defamatory posts on various social media platforms.

Not only were the posts aimed at Sheetal but they were also aimed at her family members.

Sheetal Patra insisted that the filmmaker used derogatory language and false information to humiliate her and her loved ones.

In March 2023, Sheetal accused Dayanidhi of sharing defamatory posts.

On social media, she wrote: “Cyber bullying and creating fake news is a crime.

“Person named Dayanidhi Dahima @entertainment_wala_daya owning agency ‘Daya Entertainment’ @dayaentertainment who created multiple fake accounts has finally confessed his crime.

“While it’s fun for many but people should understand how traumatic it could be for any lady.”

“Would request all artists and all the women to be careful next time with whom they work or associate in any way.

“Thanking @odisha_police_ , @cpbbsrctc & @dcpbbsr sir for rightfully standing up for women!”

Meanwhile, the filmmaker has denied the allegations, calling them “baseless” and “malicious”.

Sheetal has also written to the National Commission for Women (NCW) which has taken notice of the complaint and has asked the Laxmisagar police to submit a report.

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