Shahid Kapoor called ‘Manchild’ over Marriage Beliefs

Social media users criticised Shahid Kapoor for his comments about marriage. But what did he say that led some to call him a manchild?

Shahid Kapoor called 'Manchild' over Marriage Beliefs f

“So raising a manchild is what marriage is?"

Shahid Kapoor gave his thoughts on what he believes marriage is all about. But his opinion did not go down well, with some people labelling him a “manchild”.

The actor has been married to Mira Rajput since 2015 and the pair have two children.

In an interview, Shahid spoke about marriage and felt that a woman enters a man’s life to “fix” him and make him a decent human being.

He said: “But you know, recently I told Mira, like you know, I finally have figured this out that this entire marriage thing is just about one thing you know.

“It’s that the guy was a mess and the woman came in to fix him.

“So the rest of this life is going to be a journey of being fixed and becoming a decent person. That pretty much is what life is about.”

His comment did not go down well, with many believing Shahid’s comment was childish and far from what a healthy marriage should look like.

One woman said: “I don’t want to fix anyone. Rubbish.”

Labelling him a “manchild”, another user wrote:

“So raising a manchild is what marriage is? Amazing.”

A comment read: “What was your mother’s job. Didn’t she raise you well? Come on guys grow up and girls are not born to nurse grown-up men.”

One person said: “If she’s your babysitter, you have a nanny, not a wife.”

One user felt Shahid’s opinion was regressive, writing:

“What???????? Did he go to school????? He sounds like he’s from the 1300s.”

Shahid Kapoor also revealed why he opted for an arranged marriage.

Shahid Kapoor called 'Manchild' over Marriage Beliefs

He explained: “I was 33-34 and I was very lonely.

“I would win awards, come back home, and share them with my dog.

“I realised you need to share your life with somebody. I was single and happy, life was great, and I was independent. But, I was lonely so I wanted to have an immediate family.

“I was open to meeting someone I could settle down with.”

“My biggest concern was I have a very schizophrenic reality – one side is all spiritual, meditation, no alcohol, meditation, etc and the other side is all about my acting and glamour.

“So, I thought the girl would understand only either of the two. That’s when I met Mira.”

Addressing the couple’s 14-year age gap, Shahid added:

“When I met her, she was just 20 and I was 34.

“First of all, I thought she was too young. I was semi-embarrassed at that time.

“But once we started talking, she was very mature and very sure of herself.”

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