Mira Rajput opens up about Marriage with Shahid Kapoor

Mira Rajput, who is usually quiet about her private life, has opened up about her 5-year marriage with Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor.

Mira Rajput opens up about Marriage with Shahid Kapoor f

"The last five years have been wonderful in all aspects.”

Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput has candidly spoken about her 5-year marriage with Bollywood star, Shahid Kapoor.

In 2015, the couple sent shockwaves across India with the announcement of their wedding. Today, Mira and Shahid are proud parents to Misha, 4, and Zain, 2.

Mira and Shahid also celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on 7 July 2020.

While Shahid is from an acting background, Mira is not. Speaking to Times of India, Mira explains how their family is ordinary. She said:

“I think like any other family, ours, too, is a normal family. I don’t consider our household to be a film family.

“It’s just that my husband works in films. It is his profession, and not something that formulates our entire life.”

Mira Rajput continued to mention that people in Bollywood have accepted her when she moved from Delhi to Mumbai.

“Everyone has been very kind to me and respected our personal space. So, adjusting to this wasn’t bothersome at all. The last five years have been wonderful in all aspects.”

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During the coronavirus lockdown, Mira revealed that Shahid was able to spend more time with the family. She added that the family is currently residing at their holiday home in Punjab:

“It’s like we are back to living life the old way, with clean air and the kids playing in the mud. It’s just the way we played while growing up.

“I am a big foodie, and I am enjoying cooking with the fresh vegetables that we grow on the farm.”

Sharing her daily routine, Mira says:

“The day begins with Misha attending her online school, or we do some homeschooling. Later, we have a lot of free time to play.

“That’s the time Shahid really enjoys as he gets to play with the kids.”

“He plays football with them. He is training Misha to cycle and even Zain is trying to use the tricycle.

“We also play board games with the kids and watch a lot of movies. In the night, once the kids go to bed, Shahid and I get time for ourselves.”

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Mira Rajput also divulged that Shahid Kapoor is trying his hand at cooking. She revealed:

“Shahid is a stickler for basic ghar ka khaana. Whenever we go out, it is because I am tired of home-cooked food. At the farmhouse, I can see that Shahid has taken an interest in cooking.

“The other day, I was craving to eat something spicy, so he cooked pasta for me. This is the first time I ate pasta with matar (green peas) in it.

“Who adds green peas in pasta? I must admit that I am better at cooking, so he should do what he is good at — acting.”

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