Sanjay Dutt reveals he did not want Cancer Treatment

Sanjay Dutt opened up about his cancer diagnosis and revealed that when he was diagnosed, he did not want treatment.

Sanjay Dutt reveals he did not want Cancer Treatment f

"If I'm supposed to die, I will just die"

Sanjay Dutt revealed that when he was diagnosed with cancer, he did not want to have treatment.

The actor was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020 when he was filming Shamshera.

He said the news about it was not shared with him properly as he did not have any family members by his side.

Sanjay eventually beat cancer and is currently in the headlines for his muscular frame.

Sanjay had been filming KGF 2 whilst undergoing chemotherapy.

Recalling how he was told about his cancer diagnosis, Sanjay said:

“I had a backache and was treated with a hot water bottle and painkillers until one day I couldn’t breathe.

“I was taken to the hospital but the thing was that the cancer news was not broken to me properly.

“My wife, my family or my sisters, nobody was around me that time. I was all alone and suddenly this guy comes and tells me ‘you have cancer’.”

The actor went on to say that after finding out, he wanted to die rather than undergo chemotherapy.

He said: “My wife was in Dubai, so Priya (sister Priya Dutt) came to me.

“My first reaction was that, once you hear something like this, your whole life reflects back at you.

“I have a history of cancer in my family. My mom died of pancreatic cancer, my wife (Richa Sharma) died of brain cancer.

“So, the first thing I said was that I don’t want to take chemotherapy.

“If I’m supposed to die, I will just die but I don’t want any treatment.”

At the time, his wife Manyata flew from Dubai to be with Sanjay and his sisters, Priya and Namrata.

Sanjay Dutt revealed it was Hrithik Roshan’s father Rakesh Roshan who suggested the doctor to him.

On why he decided to undergo treatment, Sanjay said:

“I saw my family break down around me and I decided one night that if I fall sick or if I break down, they will fall sick and break down. So, I decided to fight it.”

Around the release of KGF 2, Manyata shared a powerful note, stating that the film was shot during Sanjay Dutt’s most vulnerable time.

She wrote: “The film has been a special journey for us in more ways than one.

“All those who have often labelled him as irresponsible, non-committed and a bad boy must watch this film to see his determination, dedication and commitment.

“Sanju shot this film during the most vulnerable phase of his life… our lives.

“He shot uncomplainingly, all those strenuous scenes with the same passion as ever.”

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