Ronit Roy says he is ‘Selling Things’ to support ‘100 families’

Indian actor Ronit Roy has spoken about his financial worries amid the lockdown and how is “selling things” to provide support for “100 families”.

Ronit Roy says he is ‘Selling Things’ to support ‘100 families’ f

“I am not a very rich man, but I am doing it."

Indian film and television actor Ronit Roy has opened up about his financial struggles and how he is “selling things” to support and provide for “100 families.”

Currently, countries across the globe are battling with the consequences of the deadly coronavirus.

Unfortunately, the impact has been detrimental to health as well as people’s livelihood.

As a result of work and businesses closing, people have been unable to earn money as usual.

According to an interview with ETimes, Ronit Roy has revealed that he has not been paid since January. He explained:

“Personally, I haven’t made money since January. I have a small business which was running and is now shut since March.

“Whatever I have, I am selling things to support about 100 families that I am responsible for.”

Ronit Roy says he is ‘Selling Things’ to support ‘100 families’ - suit

Ronit continued to mention those who are in a more privileged position should be helping those who are less fortunate. He said:

“I am not a very rich man, but I am doing it. So, these production houses and channels who have these big, lavish offices which are visible from 2 km away from a highway, they need to do something.

“They have to take care of the people on the ground. At a time like this if they don’t take care of the actors then it’s not fair.

“You have to pay them after 90 days, but they need [it] now, give it to them now.

“They can’t stay hungry. It’s on both sides.”

On Friday 15 May 2020, Aadat Se Majboor actor Manmeet Grewal committed suicide at his residence after struggling with debt.

The unemployed actor was overcome with his grief from financial struggles. This was heightened amid the coronavirus lockdown.

His inability to pay his rent for his flat which he lived in with his wife and depression because of low income made him take such a drastic step.

Also, in an emotional video, actor Rajesh Kapoor was forced to plead for money.

Ronit Roy says he is ‘Selling Things’ to support ‘100 families’ - close up

Speaking about suicide, Ronit Roy explained that he does not agree with taking your own life. He said:

“I am not passing judgement on anybody. Everyone at some point in life, everyone faces a financial crisis.

“I feel if you are facing a financial crisis them killing yourself is not a solution. I don’t see any sense in taking your life because that can’t be a solution.”

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