Resham opens up about Marriage Aspirations

Pakistani actress Resham opened up about her marriage aspirations and revealed what she looks for in a man.

Resham opens up about Marriage Aspirations f

“I need someone who will be like-minded"

Resham spoke about her marriage aspirations, admitting that she has not found the right person yet.

The actress appeared on The Talk Talk Show to give her thoughts on marriage.

Revealing what she was looking for in a life partner, Resham said:

“Loyalty, respect and sincerity are the three qualities that should be there in a life partner. I want to get married, but I haven’t found the right person yet.

“Also, I haven’t searched for it as it will happen when Allah wants, but I want to get married.

“I need someone who will be like-minded, it is hard to find like-minded people.”

Resham went on to express her wish of marrying someone who she could not live without.

She also responded to Sakina Samo’s comments about Resham receiving a Presidential award in 2021.

Sakina had said: “It is sad that the government has given such a huge award to people like Resham and [singer] Ali Zafar, who in my opinion don’t really deserve it.”

Responding to her remarks, Resham said:

“I don’t want to talk about her, such people are hypocrites, may Allah forgive.

“I didn’t say anything about her but she was in a lot of pain when I got the pride of performance.

“It was the reward for my work, a lot of artists including Ali Zafar got Pride of Performance awards but she could not bear this.

“I did a play Muafi with her. She praised my work a lot, but check her hypocrisy. I got an award for my work Sakina Ji.”

Resham admitted she did not understand why Sakina was offended about her award.

She also discussed the lessons that life had taught her and revealed that she had changed as a person, even though a person was unable to change by nature.

Resham added: “I have learnt a lot in life, I have now changed myself as a person, your nature can’t change, it follows you to the grave, but I managed to change a few habits after which I am at peace.

“I am a sincere person, I had the habit of calling my friends and asking about their health, they never bothered to reply to me, I have been used by my friends.”

Resham began her career at a very young age. Her first drama serial was with veteran actor Qavi Khan.

She gained popularity and recognition following her drama Din.

Resham is also recognised for her charity work.

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