Ranbir slammed for ‘Insensitive’ Joke about Alia’s Weight

Ranbir Kapoor made a joke about his pregnant wife Alia Bhatt’s weight but it did not go down well as netizens criticised him.

Ranbir slammed for 'Insensitive' Joke about Alia's Weight f

“Well, I can see somebody has phaila.”

Ranbir Kapoor has come under fire for his “insensitive” comment toward his wife Alia Bhatt.

The couple were promoting their upcoming film Brahmastra when Ranbir made a comment about her weight.

The fantasy film will see the pair share the screen for the first time. It will also see Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy in pivotal roles.

During a live session, the stars spoke about why they are not promoting Brahmastra in the way that they usually do for other films.

Alia explained: “We will do it (promote the film extensively). If you are asking why we are not phaila (spreading) everywhere… right now our focus is…”

Ranbir then interrupted and said: “Well, I can see somebody has phaila.”

He made the comment whilst looking at her stomach. Alia, who is pregnant, looked down and was shocked.

Ranbir quickly stated that it was a joke and rubs her back. He then says she has phaila cutely.

While Alia did not take the comment to heart and resumed her point, social media users were unimpressed.

Many called Ranbir insensitive for making fun of his wife’s weight gain.

One Reddit user said: “Err, yeah. OK.

“Honestly, I don’t want to nitpick and criticise Ranbir and Alia every time but what shall I do?

“Ranbir, why’d you need to say that comment on air? Like she has body image issues, she’s heavily pregnant, leave her alone.”

Another said: “That comment could have been avoided, poor attempt at a joke.”

Recalling an ex’s behaviour, one woman said:

“My ex was like this. He would say things about my weight and personality and try to pass them off as jokes. Alia should run far away from him.”

Others questioned Ranbir’s sense of humour.

One person wrote: “It isn’t even a good joke.

“Most women already have a hard time accepting the changes pregnancy brings to their bodies, joking about it is just insensitive.”

Another said: “That was a disgusting joke to say to a pregnant woman.”

A third commented: “It was distasteful and not very mature.”

One comment read:

“I can’t believe he said that! Ranbir is a 40-year-old man child with no common sense. Alia deserves better.”

Some wondered what Ranbir says to Alia away from the cameras, recalling remarks the actor made towards Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

A user said: “If he is saying this on camera, think what he says in private… but he has made loads of such comments with Katrina and Anushka.. and they both give it back to him then and there.”

Another said: “WTF was this? Who talks like this about his own wife who is pregnant?

“I still remember his and Katrina’s interview during Jagga Jasoos, he was so disrespectful to her and this was not funny, we didn’t laugh.”

However, some did not see a problem with Ranbir’s remark.

One person said: “First of all! Ranbir and Alia are married and it’s a joke, Ranbir say in a good way.”

Another commented: “It’s just a joke.”

The couple announced they were expecting their first child in June 2022.

Brahmastra is expected to release in theatres on September 9, 2022.

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