Priya Gopaldas accused of Scamming Makeup Artist

Former ‘Love Island’ contestant Priya Gopaldas has landed in hot water after she was accused of scamming a makeup artist.

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"I didn’t intend to scam you!"

Former Love Island contestant Priya Gopaldas has been accused of trying to scam a makeup artist.

TikTok user Jet_Set_Gypsea pointed out the apparent incident in a video.

On the video, it was written:

“Guys I’m FUMING. Love Island ‘star’ scamming creatives.”

Displaying the Instagram account of makeup artist Karishma, the TikToker explains how Priya asked if Karishma was available on September 5 and September 6, 2021, to do her makeup.

Karishma replies and says that she is available.

However, on the day of the event, Priya tells Karishma that she will have to cancel because she believed the price was too expensive.

Priya went on to say that she found someone else to do it for free.


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This prompted Karishma to call out the medical student on Instagram.

Priya Gopaldas responded in the comments and said:

“Hey Karishma, I’m really sorry. I didn’t intend to scam you!

“I didn’t realise you were going to charge until this morning when you quoted me £240 for 2 hours of glam, which was a bit too much.

“As you only mentioned the amount today, I had no other option but to cancel. I should’ve explained the situation properly over message.

“I’m really sorry for the late cancellation and think your make up is great.”

Things escalated when Karishma posted another video, revealing that when she asked for an explanation, Priya blocked her instead of replying.

Justifying her price, Karishma said:

“Just to be clear, the location was almost two hours away so my charges covered red carpet makeup and hair and touch-ups and travel.”

The matter has led to mixed views.

Some believed that Karishma should have mentioned her prices in advance.

One person asked: “Why did the makeup artist not mention the price sooner?

“Most established makeup artists charge deposits for bookings.”

Another agreed: “Why was the MUA not upfront about her costs though? Who quotes after booking?”

Others wondered why Priya Gopaldas would believe the makeup artist would work for free.

One user questioned:

“Why on earth would this makeup artist just provide her services for SEVERAL HOURS for free?”

“Why? Why would you even think that?”

Another added: “Entitled. Why would she think she was not going to get charged?”


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Jet_Set_Gypsea gave her opinion on the matter in another TikTok video.

She said: “People are going crazy about Karishma charging £240 for the service she was going to provide.

“This isn’t about how much she charged. I don’t care if she was charging £35.

“First of all, why would anyone assume that someone would work for free?

“If you went into work tomorrow to your job that you do everyday and they said ‘Oh we found someone who can do it for free so we’re going to have to cancel’ on the day.

“Would you be p***** off? You would. So why is it different for creatives?

“We can’t pay our bills with an Instagram post just as you can’t.

“Second of all, saying ‘Oh I can get my makeup done for £20’ makes absolutely no difference to what Karishma thinks her time and her talent is worth and no-one should be telling her that she’s charging too much.

“What you can afford doesn’t make a difference to what someone thinks they’re worth.”

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