Penguin Books hotline open for Christmas

Books fans are in for a treat, as Penguin brings back their book hotline for the holiday season, to help you find the right book even for the pickiest person.

Penguin Books hotline open for Christmas

"Who better than some of the best read people on the planet to give book suggestions?"

Penguin are making holiday shopping a lot easier this season, with the re-launch of their book hotline that offers people personalised book recommendations for their friends and family.

With Christmas approaching, this service can help people find the right gift for their loved ones.

With the expansion of the internet and social media, it would seem finding a book for a gift would be easier, but if anything it has become more difficult.

With such abundant choices, it can be tricky trying to find the perfect book. This is Penguin’s targeted solution to the problem.

The hotline was first launched last year, and Penguin received over 1,500 calls from people all over the world. Due to popular demand, they’ve brought it back in the hopes of helping more people with their book-buying needs.

Penguin’s official website says: “Every request is handled individually by one of our in-house editors, marketers, designers, salespeople, publicists and more.”

The hotline is modelled after the ‘Butterball Turkey Hotline’ which dealt with calls requesting help in cooking a traditional Thanksgiving Turkey in America.

Penguin Books hotline open for Christmas

Hundreds of Penguin Random House employees will be on call to respond to each and every request.

In a press release, Penguin Publishing said: “We hear often from readers how hard it can be to find the right book as a gift, especially for a friend or family member whose taste is different from their own.”

“We figured who better than some of the best read people on the planet to give curated book suggestions for the holiday season.”

Suggestions given through the hotline won’t be just limited to just Penguin books. They will be pooling resources, and including books recommended from many other publishing houses.

Penguin said to Mashable: “Each recommendation is specifically tailored to the particular person you might have in mind for a gift, bearing in mind what that person’s specific interests are, what they care about, and what kind of material they want to learn more about.”

This hotline is great news for book readers everywhere, as it will alleviate the shared panic that is felt when trying to buy books for other people.

This service providing tailored recommendations will definitely make a lot of lives easier during the holiday season.

The hotline will be running until December 21, 2015.

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