Pakistani Man chops off Wife’s Nose for not Making Tea

A Pakistani man from Mian Chunnu committed an extreme act of violence against his wife. He chopped off her nose after she did not make him tea.

Pakistani Man chops off Wife's Nose for not Making Tea f

"my husband doesn't support me."

In a horrific incident, a Pakistani man chopped off his wife’s nose after she refused to make him a cup of tea.

The incident happened in the city of Mian Chunnu in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Police have confirmed that the man was arrested shortly after the victim made her police statement while in the hospital.

The suspect was identified as Dameera. According to the victim, her husband’s brother and cousin had been at their house during the incident.

As the assault began, the other two men soon joined in.

The three men brutally beat the woman prior to hacking off her nose.

She told officers:

“I work at people’s homes as a domestic helper to feed my children as my husband doesn’t support me.

“I have been subjected to domestic violence in the past, but this time he has beaten me brutally because I refused to make tea for him and his brother.”

After being refused tea, Dameera, his brother Ameera and cousin Mushtaq badly beat the woman.

The assault caused injuries to various parts of her body, including her arms and hands.

Dameera then took a knife and slashed his wife’s nose off before leaving her covered in blood.

She managed to get to a hospital where she underwent treatment for the injuries she suffered.

The woman explained to the police what the Pakistani man and his relatives subjected her to.

A case was registered and officers were able to arrest the three suspects, who were later remanded in custody.

According to a survey obtained by The Tribune, between 70 and 90% of Pakistani women face domestic violence, either being mentally or physically abused. Some are even killed.

Even though there are laws relating to women’s rights, they are rarely enforced, meaning that incidents are increasing.

In one case, a woman from Islamabad explained that she was beaten by her husband and his relatives before tearing her clothes off in public.

The woman stated that she was assaulted whenever she asked her husband for money. During the beating, her husband would say derogatory things to her.

One day she asked for maintenance money, he began beating her and his brother and brother-in-law joined in.

They dragged her across the ground by her hair before ripping her clothes off. The woman was knocked unconscious after being struck in the head by her husband.

Her husband pulled out a gun and threatened to kill his wife before the three men fled.

Police registered a case based on the woman’s statement but no arrests had been made.

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