Pakistani Doctors refuse to Help Pregnant COVID-19 Patient

A pregnant woman from Lahore went into labour, however, the doctors refused to help her. It was later revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19.

Pakistani Doctors refuse to Help Pregnant COVID-19 Patient f

This prompted the doctors to stop helping her.

Doctors at Shaikh Zayed Hospital in Lahore refused to help a pregnant woman who later tested positive for Coronavirus.

The woman ended up being treated by another set of medics who delivered her baby via C-Section.

The woman gave birth on March 26, 2020, and was tested for the deadly virus the next day. The results revealed that she had it.

Dr Mohammad Ikram explained that the woman had visited the hospital in the morning and met with an associate professor.

She was then transferred over to doctors who were shocked when she told them that her husband had recently returned from Iran.

The medics became even more anxious when they discovered that the woman’s husband had Coronavirus.

This prompted the doctors to stop helping her. They then told the woman to leave the hospital.

The woman left but ended up returning later that day, complaining of severe labour pains.

Another set of medics admitted her and treated her.

Dr Ikram said that the woman underwent a C-Section and the baby was delivered.

Meanwhile, the doctors knew about her husband’s positive diagnosis and informed the hospital’s administration.

Dr Ikram said that swabs were taken which revealed that the woman had COVID-19.

The five medics who treated the woman remain under quarantine. Dr Ikram added that they were shocked that the woman showed no symptoms.

The doctors who refused to treat the pregnant woman have stated that they will not resume duties until they were provided with protective kits.

Currently, the woman and her baby remain in isolation at the hospital while doctors are awaiting the results to see if the newborn has Coronavirus.

Another man at the hospital had tested positive. Dr Ikram explained that he first visited the emergency ward where he received initial treatment.

He was then referred to the rheumatology department where he was later admitted to the medical unit.

Dr Ikram revealed that the patient may have come into contact with several people, including medics, nurses, paramedics and security guards, exposing them to Coronavirus.

Dr Ajmal Tahir is the lead doctor for Coronavirus patients at Shaikh Zayed Hospital. He confirmed that both patients remain in isolation at two different hospitals.

On the complaints that doctors were not being provided with protective gear, Dr Tahir claimed that the hospital had purchase 4,000 PPEs and were being provided to the medics.

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