Pakistani Designers get Abuse for Romanticising Rape Culture

Pakistani designers Ali Xeeshan and Saira Shakira received a social media backlash for their Crimson photoshoot, taunted for romanticising rape culture.

Pakistani Designers Rape Culture Issue

"Maybe in our general public we like to dismiss and are not prepared to concede what's off-base."

Popular Pakistani fashion designers Ali Xeeshan and Saira Shakira came under scrutiny as their latest photoshoot for their brand Crimson supposedly promotes rape culture.

Crimson is an unstitched luxury brand, featuring edgy details on premium material.

The designers Ali Xeeshan and Saira Shakira have caused controversy online and on social media for glamouring rape culture.

One photo from the collection showed model Hasnain Lehri grabbing his accomplice Amna Babar’s wrist, while she looks scared and seemingly trying to pull away.

Another image showed the model standing dressed up in a market stall, while a group of men supposedly leer at her nearby.

This caused an enormous reaction online.

Some of the comments on social media included “Another gem from Ali Xeeshan’s photoshoot, because fetishising abuse and harassment is the new trend.”

Indian feminist group Girls at Dhabas also shared the images on their Facebook page to show their anger towards the pictures and it’s apparent message.

“This is extremely problematic and frankly quite sickening.”

“Designers like Saira Shakira are romanticising rape culture for profit.”


Saira Shakira defended the message of the images, stating that they are being viewed out of context.

“At the point when these pictures discharge on Sunday, individuals will see that we didn’t mean to disparage ladies in any capacity.”

Ali Xeeshan took the image off his Instagram account, claiming that he didn’t intend to adorn female mistreatment.

“This shoot was my method of demonstrating a mirror to the general public and delineate that numerous men act like this with ladies.”

“I didn’t intend to glamourise female misuse.”

“In any case, I have now expelled the picture from my Instagram,” he added.

“Maybe in our general public we like to dismiss and are not prepared to concede what’s off-base.”

“All we need to see is delightful symbolism.”

Model and leading actress of the Pakistan film industry, Sanam Saeed, also featured in the photoshoot.

The actress however, posted an innocent picture from the shoot of young children in ballet costumes looking up to her with respect.

Abdullah Haris, the photographer for the shoot also commented on the way the images were perceived.

“I generally needed to be a movie producer and I simply needed to make a scene with dramaisation.”

“On the off chance that you take a gander at my portfolio, my work prevalently indicates sure ladies.”

“I could not deliberately make a scene that delineates concealment of ladies.”


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