New Book Educates Readers on Sustainable Living in India

The book is being released with the aim of urging readers to live a zero-waste lifestyle and to help preserve the environment.

New Book Educates Readers on Sustainable Living in India f

“The guide book draws on our experiences"

A new book is being released as a “one-stop guide” on how to live more sustainably in India.

The book, Bare Necessities: How to Live a Zero Waste Life, educates people on innovative ways to make a positive change in their lives.

These lifestyle changes will, as a result, make an equally positive change to the environment.

The book, published by Penguin, is written by environmentalist Sahar Mansoor and sustainability consultant Tim De Ridder.

The book will be available from Monday, February 22, 2021.

Bare Necessities has nine chapters full of activities, ideas, and over “80 tips and tricks” in order to help readers adapt to a zero-waste lifestyle.

The book also contains more than 20 recipes and resource suggestions in order to reduce waste.

Talking about the new book, co-writer Tim de Ridder said:

“The guide book draws on our experiences running workshops, events and interacting with communities across the country.

“It presents a broad range of opportunities to the reader that she or he can pursue in a fun and interactive step-by-step fashion.

“We are really excited to distribute our knowledge of living sustainably in this way.”

New Book Educates Readers on Sustainable Living in India - Tim De Ridder

Co-writer Sahar Mansoor is also the founder and CEO of zero-waste social enterprise Bare Necessities.

Mansoor came up with the idea for the enterprise after she realised, through her own zero-waste lifestyle, that personal and home care products without harmful chemicals were difficult to find.

On the Bare Necessities website, Mansoor says:

“In response to this problem, I wanted to create a company that mirrored the values of zero waste, ethical consumption and sustainability.

“I wanted to make it easy for other people looking to consume more mindfully and to encourage others to produce less waste.”

Discussing the ideas behind the new book, Mansoor said:

“We have tried to weave together these intimidating topics in a fun, playful, accessible format; something that has been really important has been incorporating personal stories and lessons from traditional Indian culture into the text.”

As well as taking lessons from Indian culture, Mansoor said the zero-waste concept has a western influence.

“The zero-waste movement has been deeply influenced by a western rhetoric; and we wanted to provide a refreshing and much needed Indian perspective on zero-waste living in India.”

A tip that Bare Necessities recommends is to switch to a neem comb or a hairbrush.

The book also advises people to use cotton napkins rather than tissues. Planning laundry days will also help to save water and energy.

Louise is an English and Writing graduate with a passion for travel, skiing and playing the piano. She also has a personal blog which she updates regularly. Her motto is "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Images courtesy of Bare Necessities Zero Waste Instagram

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