Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s niece Sasha: ‘I will get Everyone Jailed’

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s niece Sasha has slammed her father and uncles for fabricating evidence against her in a series of tweets.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s niece Sasha_ ‘I will get Everyone Jailed’ f

"I will get everyone jailed under Sec 193 IPC for filing a false case.”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s niece Sasha, who filed a sexual harassment case against the actor’s youngest brother Minazuddin Siddiqui has come forward to seek justice.

The actor has been facing many problems in his personal life ever since his estranged wife Aaliya Siddiqui filed for a divorce.

Her allegations against the actor and his family shocked many people. If that was not bad enough, Nawazuddin’s niece Sasha accused Minazuddin of sexual harassment.

Sasha filed the case against her uncle at the Jamia Police Station in Delhi. Her statement revealed various disturbing details of abuse and harassment.

She also disclosed that her father and other family members filed false cases to harass her husband and in-laws.

Speaking about the allegations, Nawazuddin’s elder brother Shamas took to Twitter to clarify the claims. He wrote:

“Truth will be uncovered soon.

“How can someone misguide the law and file the same case with different statement at @DelhiPolice, when there was no name of @Nawazuddin_S in the earlier statement given 2 years back to court & the case is in #UttarkhandHighCourt as well.”

In a second tweet, Shamas added:

“I got to know that under the 7/8 POSCO act, the husband of the lady in the video has been accused and she has been accusing my younger brother Minazuddin for no reason but under someone’s influence.”

However, Sasha condemned her uncles and father for fabricating a case. She tweeted:

“@ShamasSiddiqui @Nawazuddin_S This “FALSE CASE” was filed by all of you fabricating evidence.

“Please see the proof which I have shown to the world. I will get everyone jailed under Sec 193 IPC for filing a false case.”

Sasha also revealed proof against her father showing how he fabricated evidence. She said:

“My father an Advocate, wants to continue to lie about my age despite knowing that fabricating evidence is a crime punishable with 7 years punishment & both of you support him @ShamasSiddiqui @Nawazuddin_S.

“Here is video proof of fabricating evidence.”

Reacting to Shamas earlier tweet about misguiding the law, Sasha said:

“Look who is talking about misguiding the law. Hope I gave enough evidence in my earlier tweets to prove who files false cases & fabricates evidence.

“@DelhiPolice please file a case U/s 193 of IPC @TOIIndiaNews @ASiddiqui2020.”

Reportedly, Nawazuddin was asked about the allegations made against his younger brother.

However, he refused to react saying, “Thank you for your concern, but on this, no comment.”

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