Man welcomes Friend at Heathrow Airport with Bhangra

In a viral video, a young man was at Heathrow Airport to welcome his friend. Upon seeing him, he began Bhangra dancing.

Man welcomes Friend at Heathrow Airport with Bhangra f

"one of the most legendary welcomes at Heathrow Airport."

In a unique airport welcome, a young man greeted his friend at Heathrow Airport with a Bhangra dance.

The short video showed a man emerging from the arrival gate, pushing his luggage on a trolley.

Meanwhile, his friend, who is wearing an orange turban, is waiting behind the railing.

Upon seeing his friend, the young man goes through the railing to surprise his pal. He then begins Bhangra dancing. Meanwhile, other passengers looked on.

The friend also started dancing and the pair were seen Bhangra dancing around the trolley.

The overjoyed friends then hugged.

After regaining their composure, the young man takes his friend over to meet others who had been waiting for him, presumably family members.

The video was shared on Twitter and the caption read:

“This has to be one of the most legendary welcomes at Heathrow Airport.”

The heartwarming video amassed 17,000 views and social media users loved the warm welcome given to the passenger.

One person said: “That’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages.”

Another pointed out that no matter the location, Indians will continue to showcase their spirit, tweeting:

“Will go anywhere in world… Bhangra, Punjabi and Indians will create the perfect environment…salute to every Indian… Jai Hind.”

A user wrote: “Indians are the best when it comes to celebrations. Happy Diwali to all.”

One person declared:

“To all my Punjabi bros – this is how we meet the next time.”

A comment read: “Love it.”

One netizen suggested that the spontaneous Bhangra could make for an effective ad campaign for the airport, writing:

“Here’s an idea for an ad campaign.”

While this was a unique airport welcome, it is not uncommon to see Bhangra dances.

In a previous instance, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn went viral after he was seen busting out some Bhangra dance moves at a wedding.

The Islington North MP was invited as a special guest to the wedding at Coventry’s Royal Court Hotel. Tayab Naveed’s cousin Rizwan was getting married to the sister of Labour MP Zarah Sultana.

In videos filmed by guests, Mr Corbyn is encouraged to dance by Tayab. He then performs.

After dancing, Mr Corbyn then stopped to clap.

However, the clapping was cut short when Mr Corbyn was lifted onto Tayab and another guest’s shoulders.

All three then punched the air in celebration while the crowd cheered.

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