Mahika Sharma and Porn Star Danny D a ‘Jodi’ on Bigg Boss 12?

With Bigg Boss 12 contestants being selected there is speculation that Mahika Sharma and British porn star Danny D could be a ‘jodi’ on the reality show.

mahika sharma danny d

"Yes, people are harassing me. They are asking me to tell my rate."

The excitement around the ‘jodi’ contestants for Bigg Boss 12 is gaining momentum with huge speculation that one of the couples will be Mahika Sharma and her close British porn star friend Danny D.

The new format of the Bigg Boss show was said to be including some controversy when it comes to contestants. This couple could very well be part of that concept.

This comes after the pair announced a Bollywood film called ‘Modern Culture’ which both of them will be acting in and produce.

Danny D, who is known to be one of the richest porn stars in the world, flew to India to celebrate Mahika’s birthday on July 26, 2018, and there are many reports of a close relationship between the pair.

This is despite Danny D, whose real name is Matt Hughes being married to ex-adult star Sophie Knight.

The pair is said to be meeting Bigg Boss 12 production deal to finalise their appearance on the reality television show, as part of the new format of contestants joining the show in pairs or ‘jodis’.

Whilst we await official confirmation of them appearing on Bigg Boss 12, Danny D has expressed his excitement to meet Salman Khan. In an interview he said:

“I have heard a lot about Salman Khan. It would be fun meeting him, any day. And I hope even if I’m not associated with the game show, we could still meet. I have really not watched his movies yet but I’ve seen his pictures. He looks dashing.”

Mahika Sharma, a former winner of Miss Teen North-East India, also ignited attraction after a posting bikini-clad shot on her Instagram excited about her birthday and a quote saying:

“Its my #birthday and I’m going crazy.. Wish me a good luck.. Someone special comming.. Birthdays are like that..”

mahika sharma bigg boss 12

Indicating she too was ready and very excited for the arrival of Danny D in India.

Talking about the film ‘Modern Culture’ Mahika described the story, saying:

“I will play Geeta. The first part of the movie will be about how Geeta – a typical Indian girl – struggles in Los Angeles. Once she is back in India with her man, it is Danny’s character who will struggle.”

However, Mahika’s decision to make the debut Bollywood film with Danny D has not gone down well with her mother.

Since finding out she is doing the project, her mother has cut all ties with her, which has shocked her. Reacting to her mother’s decision she said:

“I respect my mother’s wishes. I am hoping to make her understand that I am not doing a porn film.”

“It is a Bollywood film with a British adult star. He is a friend. As of now, I am just focusing on my work.”

Mahika feels her mother has been wrongly influenced by family and people around her without her knowing the full facts about the film.

mahika sharma trolled

Mahika was in the past trolled for showing her affection for Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Reacting to this she said:

“Yes, people are harassing me. They are asking me to tell my rate. I don’t look at trolls. They just need to be shown the middle finger. Their fathers don’t feed you any day.”

Talking openly about her freedom to express how she feels, she said:

“Sex is no big deal these days. If boys can openly talk about their crushes and fantasies, why do we girls need to have a limit? I don’t believe in gender discrimination. Why can’t I be open about my desires?”

Danny D was asked if he would quit the porn industry if he was to join Bigg Boss 12, he said:

“Won’t quit adult industry at any cost, Mahika will understand. And we are looking ahead to work together. And we will.”

If both Mahika and Danny D are selected for Bigg Boss 12, there is no doubt there will be some ‘hungama’ to look out for with these two in the reality show house.

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