Locals Decorate Ancestral Home of Priyanka Chopra

Locals decorated the ancestral home of Priyanka Chopra in Bareilly, India, as it stood in a state of neglect while she married Nick Jonas in Jodhpur.

Locals Decorate Ancestral Home of Priyanka Chopra f

"They might have forgotten to give attention to this house."

The wedding between Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra and singer-songwriter Nick Jonas at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur was full of glam and colour.

While family members and guests had a merry time witnessing such an event, the actress’ ancestral home in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India, stood in a state of neglect.

The house showed no signs of a celebration until a few locals managed to contact the caretaker of the house to decorate it.

They helped decorate the house following the couple’s Western-style marriage on December 1, 2018.

Parameshwar Rai Pandey, the caretaker of Priyanka’s paternal home said:

“The family is quite busy in the wedding and they might have forgotten to give attention to this house.

“The people of Bareilly, along with the district administration have showered love on their daughter by coming together and decorating the house.”

Members of a local social group helped decorate the house along with several of Priyanka’s neighbours.

Locals Decorate Ancestral Home of Priyanka Chopra - home

The citizens of Bareilly also illuminated their own homes to celebrate the joyous occasion and gave out sweets.

Pandey added:

“Despite not getting any invitation of their bitiyaa’s marriage, people of the city illuminated their houses with fairy lights and distributed sweets to celebrate the moment on Saturday.”

Firecrackers were set off and people danced on the street to different songs in recognition of the event.

The Chopra residence in Bareilly is located in the Kunwarpur area and Pandey has been its caretaker for the past 20 years.

However, the local’s efforts did not go unnoticed as Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra came to know about the celebrations through Pandey.

She said: “Through caretaker Parameshwar Pandey, I came to know that people in Bareilly are celebrating Priyanka’s marriage, and I am proud of the residents.

“No wedding cards for Priyanka and Nick’s wedding were printed. Only selected persons were invited through phone.”

“We are getting congratulatory messages from people of Bareilly. Owing to busy schedule, I am not able to say thanks.”

“Thanks will be conveyed to all as soon as we get time.”

Following their ceremony on Saturday, the couple had a traditional Indian wedding on Sunday, December 2, 2018, and it was just as lavish.

Locals Decorate Ancestral Home of Priyanka Chopra - delhi

Priyanka and Nick are now preparing for their two wedding receptions, the first one taking place in Delhi. The two were pictured leaving for Delhi.

The celebrations in Bareilly also continue as a party has been organised for the children in the city.

Bareilly mayor Umesh Gautam has hosted a cultural programme at a private university to celebrate the happy couple’s marriage.

The focus now turns to Nick and Priyanka’s lavish wedding receptions and we can only imagine what they will be like.

Locals have urged the Bollywood star to visit her ancestral home once the celebrations have finished.

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