Life after Adopting daughter Nisha for Sunny Leone

Since adopting daughter Nisha, Sunny Leone’s life has changed as she embraces motherhood. Let’s take a closer look at her life after the joyful adoption.

Life after Adopting daughter Nisha for Sunny Leone

"I truly believe that Nisha chose us, we didn’t choose Nisha."

Actress Sunny Leone has fully embraced motherhood after adopting daughter Nisha.

Back in June 2017, she and husband Daniel Weber adopted the girl from an orphanage in Latur, Maharashtra. After first applying for adoption in September 2016.

Naming her as ‘Nisha Kaur Weber’, Sunny has described her bundle of joy as the “best gift” she could ask for. It seems then life truly has changed for the ex-adult star.

The starlet herself believes it was love at first sight, saying to Hindustan Times: “I truly believe that Nisha chose us, we didn’t choose Nisha.”

Reports claim 11 prospective parents had turned down the little girl’s application. Yet, this meant she transformed Sunny and Daniel’s lives:

“Daniel and I are very happy that this little girl chose us. We are very, very thankful to god for bringing this beautiful little girl into our lives,” Sunny explained to reporters.

With the new addition in the family, one will wonder how Sunny’s life has changed. Well, as one can expect, her routine now revolves around little Nisha. The starlet explains:

“I look forward to seeing her when she wakes up in the morning and be the last person to see her when she goes to bed. I love feeding and playing with her.”

Life after Adopting daughter Nisha for Sunny Leone

Clearly embracing motherhood, it hasn’t concerned the new parents whether Nisha is their biological child. With an inspiring, impressive outlook on the adoption, Sunny said:

“We just want to do everything for her because she lost that time and we want to make up for it. She needs to know that we are her parents now and we love her forever.”

Unfazed by Negative Comments

Despite having the best of intentions, Sunny Leone still can’t escape the negativity of online trolls. In response to the news, trolls took to social media. Questioning her ability to be a good mother.

In addition, they cruelly mocked the fact that her adopted daughter has a darker skin tone. Contrasting with Sunny and Daniel’s lighter skin.

It seems nothing remains off topic for the online trolls. Particular in the case for Sunny, who still faces criticism for her past career. A career that ended years ago. Yet its reputation and Indian attitudes still linger.

With this unneeded reaction, one could understand if Sunny slammed the trolls. Yet, she remarked that she was “too busy”, focusing her attention on Nisha, explaining:

“Honestly, I haven’t seen what people have written online. I’m busy doing what I think most parents would do.”

It seems then, the arrival of Nisha means Sunny has stopped letting the trolls have attention. Instead, she has become consumed with the happiness and excitement of her daughter.

Now, Sunny and Daniel have treated their little girl to an exciting, fun birthday treat. Going away for Nisha’s 2nd birthday, they went to Disneyland as part of their US trip!

Sunny posed in front of the famous Cinderella castle, captioning it with: “Disney for Nisha’s birthday! Where all your dreams come true!”

Life after Adopting daughter Nisha for Sunny Leone

With this image, it truly shows the impact Nisha has had in Sunny’s life. A few years ago, the star posed in adult videos. Now she’s holidaying in Disneyland.

Reports also claim the couple plan to introduce their daughter to the extended family.

While Sunny may continue to tantalise fans with sexy music videos, 2017 still marks a memorable year for Sunny. One that has gifted her with a blissful bundle of joy.

Public opinion will likely continue to divide over Sunny Leone. But needless to say Sunny won’t let it ruin this exciting moment in her life.

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Images courtesy of Sunny Leone Official Instagram and Bollywood Life.