Koena Mitra reveals Cosmetic Surgery Side Effects

Bollywood star Koena Mitra made headlines following the side effects of her cosmetic surgery. Now, she has revealed exactly what went wrong.

Koena Mitra reveals Cosmetic Surgery Side Effects f

"I didn’t know how my body would react.”

Bollywood actress Koena Mitra made headlines when she underwent cosmetic surgery.

After going under the knife to enhance her facial features, Mitra began to look noticeably different.

As a result, fans and onlookers began to wonder whether the surgery had gone wrong.

Now, Mitra has clarified exactly what happened – or did not happen – with her cosmetic procedure.

According to Koena Mitra, her surgery did not go wrong. However, the former Bigg Boss 13 star revealed that it was her body that reacted differently to the procedure.

In an interview, Mitra said:

“Nothing went wrong. A lot of people go after things without investigation. I was also 12 years younger back then.

“So I did invest well in how my body will react to it. So, rhinoplasty is not a big thing. It is a common thing and you can go and check with doctors.

“They will tell your four percent professionals do it – from different jobs and professions. They don’t have to be actors only.”

Koena Mitra went on to reveal the side effects that her cosmetic surgery had on her body. She said:

“A body can react differently. I had bone swelling on my face.

“When you see a fractured leg, it takes six months just to fix the bone and then happens leg numbness and swelling. Recovery takes almost a year and a half.

“So, my case was similar. My cheekbones were affected. In fact, my cheekbones were swollen.

“There was water collection on my face. Because of that everything looked awkward, everything looked weird.

“Everyone thought something had gone wrong. But the wrong thing was my body’s reaction to that surgery.”

“The surgery wasn’t wrong. It was basic. It wasn’t a major implant surgery. It was a correction surgery.

“It was a correcting surgery but my body reacted like that. It was my first experience so I didn’t know how my body would react.”

As a result of her exotic dance numbers and striking beauty, fans considered Koena Mitra a Bollywood sex symbol.

The Bigg Boss 13 star also became an overnight success after her appearance in Musafir‘s ‘Saaki Saaki‘ with Sanjay Dutt.

Now, Mitra is planning to turn her talents to production.

According to the actress, she has already received some scripts and is eager to produce both movies and web series in the future.

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