Popular Cosmetic Surgery for British Men

Cosmetic surgery is now an integral part of British Asian society, specifically for males, and certain procedures are more common than you may think.

Popular Cosmetic Surgery for British Men

"[Asian men] inherently tend to have a slightly bigger or hookish nose"

Cosmetic surgery, whether you like it or not, is an important part of today’s society.

After shedding its taboo in countries such as India and Pakistan, it has now become a common phenomenon in Britain.

Originally considered as a ‘female obsession’, men are now prepared to nip and tuck their bodies, with industry experts claiming a 10 per cent growth in male clients every year.

With actors such as Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, and Aamir Khan supposedly going under the knife, men aren’t afraid to follow suit and try their own turn in the surgeon’s chair.

DESIblitz takes a look at some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for British men.

RhinoplastyPopular Cosmetic Surgery for British Men

Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a ‘nose job’, is the most popular cosmetic procedure for British men, and can cost anything from £3,000.

Figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) show that 1037 men in the UK had the procedure in 2013.

Nose shapes are typically determined by cultural variation. Caucasians are likely to have a smaller, defined nose, whereas African men have flatter, rounder shapes.

For Asian men, larger, pointed noses are common, and many wish to alter that shape.

British surgeon, Mr. Mabroor Ahmed Bhatty has given his insight into the Brit-Asian obsession with rhinoplasty, stating:

“We inherently tend to have a slightly bigger or hookish nose, so if people don’t like it, that can be helped.”

But whilst many people think it’s a simple procedure, in reality it is much more complex.

David Sharpe, a professor of plastic surgery at Bradford University, has given an insight into the dangers of rhinoplasty, revealing that:

“One in 10 cases of nose reshaping require additional work for up to six months, such as an adjustment to the tip of a nose.”

Although its popularity has decreased in recent years, it is still the most common cosmetic procedure within the male population.

Breast ReductionPopular Cosmetic Surgery for British Men

Male breast tissue tends to develop in the early teenage years when hormones kick in.

Whilst in most cases these fatty tissues disappear, they can sometimes remain.

According to BAAPS, breast reduction was the third most popular cosmetic surgery for UK men in 2013, with a staggering 796 males going under the knife. 

Sunny Singh, a 22 year old British Asian student from Birmingham City University spoke of his ordeal with excess breast tissue, and his desire to surgically change his looks:

“I’ve had it since I was around 14 years old. It’s made me feel self conscious in front of friends, even girlfriends.

“Although some people may frown upon surgery, I feel I will get the best results this way. It’s not something I do lightly.”

Despite the tough, economic times, surgeons find that more men are willing to change their bodies purely because of societal pressures.

And with the ‘perfect’ body image being chiseled abs and strong pecs, this fad won’t die down any time soon.

BotoxPopular Cosmetic Surgery for British Men

Botox is ideal for men who wish to turn back the aging clock.

Males more commonly opt for subtle surgery, and that’s exactly what ‘brotox’, which it’s colloquially known as, provides.

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgery spokesperson, Dr Jeremy Hunt MBBS divulged his reasoning into its surge in popularity, commenting:

“Men contemplate botox for frown lines and squint lines. 

“The perception in business as youthful is on the cutting edge, for some men in business they try and maintain that youthful appearance.”

Studies also show that men living in cities such as Edinburgh, Manchester and London are more likely to get this procedure.

RightClinic.com founder Dr Ganesh Rao explains how:

“Men are increasingly open to having a bit of work done and Botox in particular, as it is such a simple procedure to undergo to achieve a fresher look.”

Such a subtle yet noticeable operation means that males feel comfortable to plump up their lines, which can only result in higher statistics in years to come.

LiposuctionPopular Cosmetic Surgery for British Men

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance states that British Asian men are more prone to diseases like diabetes, so it’s crucial for them to keep the weight off.

Fat deposits in men tend to be around the stomach and ‘love handles’, resulting in many males leaning towards liposuction for a quick, easy fix.

Britain saw a 28% rise from 2012 to 2013 in men having the procedure, and that figure looks set to soar.

Despite the increase in popularity, Ahmed Kamal is weary about having the operation himself due to familial influences.

He explains:

“I was a larger lad when I was younger and weighed around 16 stone, so liposuction was always a possibility.

“But mom was against it. Typical asian families have the mentality that a bigger, fuller body is a more healthy image, it means they eat well.”

Although the ideal body image differs from person to person, Dr Hunt believes that this surgical procedure ultimately allows men to ‘live life to the fullest’.

As the celebrity world grows more prevalent within our society, people are willing to use cosmetic surgery as a way of achieving perfection.

The pressure to look good has increased in recent years, and quick, surgical procedures are Britain’s go-to solution.

British males are more inclined than ever to go under the knife in the hope look more youthful, regardless of cost or health implications.

If you are considering having cosmetic surgery, ensure you seek professional advice and information before going ahead with any procedure.

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

Images courtesy of Male Breast Surgery India, and Cosmetic Surgery @ Cochin

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