Kangana slams Bollywood stars for “deep-rooted” Racism

Actress Kangana Ranaut has condemned Bollywood stars who are now supporting the BLM movement despite having endorsed fairness creams in the past.

Kangana slams Bollywood stars for deep-rooted Racism f

“How come suddenly all black lives matter"

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has spoken out against the “hypocrisy” of numerous Bollywood stars concerning their support for the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement.

Kangana bought to light how many Bollywood celebrities have also endorsed fairness products in India but now condemn racism.

Conversing with the BBC, Kangana Ranaut slammed Bollywood celebrities for being hypocrites. She said:

“The Indian celebrities they’ve been endorsing all kinds of fairness products and today shamelessly they stand and say black lives matter, I mean how dare they?

“Our industry even shies away from casting darker actors for characters that are supposed to be fair-skinned.

“Why is no one asking them these million-dollar deals that they’ve been doing with all kinds of fairness products?

“How come suddenly all black lives matter because racism is deep-rooted and when you have commercialised such events that is the lowest humanity can hit.”

Previously actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Disha Patani have all promoted skin lightening creams.

However, now they have come out in support of the BLM movement.

Yet, Kangana has never endorsed such products. Speaking about the same, she said:

“My sister [Rangoli Chandel] is dusky, yet beautiful. If I go ahead and be part of this campaign, then, in a way, I would be insulting her.

“If I can’t do that to my sister, then how can I do it to the entire nation?”

Indian actor Abhay Deol also condemned Bollywood celebrities who have promoted fairness creams and questioned whether they would stop.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote:

“Do you think Indian celebrities will stop endorsing fairness creams now?”

“Overall analysis. Fairness creams in India have evolved over the years from being fairness creams to now using euphemisms like ‘skin brightening/whitening’ or ‘lightening creams’.

“Most brands no longer want to be associated directly with being termed as ‘fairness creams’.

“So, now we have brands selling ‘HD glow’, ‘White beauty’, ‘white glow’, ‘fine fairness’ and so on.”

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Overall analysis Fairness creams in India have evolved over the years, from being fairness creams to now using euphemisms like “skin brightening/ whitening”, or “lightening creams”. Most brands no longer want to be associated directly with being termed as 'fairness creams’. So now we have brands selling “HD glow”, “White beauty”, “white glow”, “fine fairness”, and so on. Over the years these companies have turned their attention towards the Indian Men, who are now trying to be "fair and handsome", and have dedicated power white ranges for them too. The hunt for fairness: Neutrogena fine fairness: Could not locate it on their global websites but it is available on Amazon and other sellers:https://www.amazon.in/Neutrogena-Fine-Fairness-Cream-SPF20/dp/B00BSPOXMW/ Ponds have a white beauty range:  The range includes products like anti-spot fairness cream which is available on affiliate websites like Amazon and Nykaa. On their own website could locate just the White beauty cream. https://www.ponds.com/ph/products/collection/white-beauty/day-cream-for-normal-skin.html* Loreal white perfect day cream: Apparently reduces the melanin level in the skin, gives a rosy appearance to your skin and is suitable for all Indian skin types. "reduce skin darkening  and boost anti-spot whitening for a brighter & younger look"https://www.lorealparis.co.in/products/skin-care/day-cream/white-perfect-clinical-day-cream/ Recently, Procter & Gamble skincare brand Olay announced that it will no longer retouch skin in its advertising by 2021 because it reflects an idea of beauty which is almost impossible to achieve. The statement was made during an event in New York. In March 2019, Olay also came up with a creative campaign #FaceAnything with @masabagupta @kubbrasait , @lilly, @bikewithgirl and @_payalsoni_ #Fairandlovely #prejudice #racism #fairskinobsession #fairnesscreams #kalagora #flawlessskin #hdglow #whiteness #complexion #skintone #shades #pearlextracts #microcrystals #ayurveda

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According to an interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana bashed fellow Bollywood stars for failing to criticise local injustices, but openly joined the BLM movement. She said:

“The Sadhu lynching happened a couple of weeks ago; still no one said a word. It happened in Maharashtra where most of these celebrities reside … Bollywood anyway is a derived name from Hollywood.

“It is a shame they [Bollywood stars] continue to live in a bubble and never fail to jump on the bandwagon, which can give them two minutes of fame.

“But ‘white people’ must drive the bandwagon. Perhaps, it is because of their pre-independence colonial slavery genes.”

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Talking about lynching of sadhus in Mumbai !!!

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