Kangana Ranaut in Sword Fighting Injury during Film Rehearsals

Kangana Ranaut gets 15 stitches after a serious injury while shooting for a sword fighting scene for her upcoming film Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi.

Kangana Ranaut in Sword Fighting Injury during Film Rehearsals

"She got 15 stitches on her forehead and will be under observation in the hospital."

Kangana Ranaut became seriously injured whilst shooting scenes for upcoming film Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi

Reports claim that the actress, who will star as the ‘Queen of Jhansi’, rehearsed with co-star Nihar Pandya for a thrilling sword-fighting scene.

However, during the 19th July 2017 rehearsals, Kangana suffered a head injury as a sword hit her forehead. Following the accident, staff immediately rushed her to a Hyderabad hospital for treatment.

A source explained more to Mid-Day on the incident. They said:

“Kangana was immediately rushed to Apollo hospital nearby, where she was admitted into the ICU. She got 15 stitches on her forehead and will be under observation in the hospital for a few days.

“The examining doctor said that it was a close shave for her because the cut was too close to her bone.”

But how did the head injury happen?

Media outlets claim that for the rehearsal, Kangana Ranaut had to duck while Nihar would attack her. But, due to a sudden mistiming in the scene, Nihar struck too quickly, which left the actress with a deep cut on her forehead.

A doctor at the Apollo Hospital has added that the incident will likely leave a scar.

Despite the injury, many of Kangana’s team have applauded her for her bravery. Kamal Jain, Manikarnika‘s producer, said: “The drive to the hospital took a good 30 minutes, but she put up a brave front despite the pain and bleeding. Nihar was apologetic and felt terrible, but Kangana pacified him.”

Meanwhile, the actress herself has also spoken on the incident. While initially embarrassed to feel “thrilled” over a potential scar, she revealed:

“It’s a bit dramatic but I am excited that my face was covered in blood and I got a genuine and authentic glimpse of the Queen’s life.”

She also reportedly feels ready to sport the injury in the scenes of the film, as a natural wound.

This statement truly reflects Kangana’s bravery, but also the incident itself. In fact, she refused to have a body double replace her for the sword fighting scene. Instead, the vivacious actress wants to continue taking up sword-fighting classes in order to perform the stunts herself.

Kangana has previously shown her fierce side in Rangoon earlier in 2017. As Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi sets up for a release date of 27th April 2018, fans will definitely look forward to watching the enthralling tale behind this historical film.

In the meantime, we wish Kangana Ranaut a speedy recovery. But more so, we applaud her for taking a negative situation and turning it around.

For this, we say, way to go Kangana!

Nisaa, originally from Kenya, is keenly enthusiastic to learn new cultures. She relishes various genres of writing, reading and applies creativity daily. Her motto: “Truth is my best arrow and courage my strongest bow.”

Images courtesy of team_kangana_ranaut Instagram.

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