Kangana Ranaut Heaps Praise on ‘Jawan’

Known for her outspoken, controversial views on Bollywood stars, Kangana Ranaut has lauded SRK and his latest film ‘Jawan’.

Kangana Ranaut Heaps Praise on 'Jawan'

"Bowing down to your perseverance, hard work and humility"

Kangana Ranaut has heaped praise on Jawan.

On many occasions, the actress has slammed Bollywood and her candid statements have caused quite a stir in the Indian movie industry.

However, the Queen (2013) star heaped praise on Jawan (2023). The film features Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara in lead roles.

Deepika Padukone also makes a guest appearance.

Kangana came out in support of SRK and Jawan on Instagram. She commended him for his perseverance and his ability to reinvent himself:

“From being the ultimate lover boy of the ’90s to a decade-long struggle again to reinvent his connection with his audience in his late forties to mid-fifties and ultimately rising as the quintessential Indian mass superhero at the age of 60 (almost) is nothing short of superheroic even in real life.

“I remember the time when people wrote him off and mocked his choices.

“His struggle is a master class for all those artists who enjoying long careers but must reinvent and reestablish.

“SRK is the cinema God that India needs not just for hugs or dimples but for some serious world-saving as well.

“Bowing down to your perseverance, hard work and humility, King Khan. @iamsrk #Jawan.

“Congratulations to the whole team.”

It was gratifying to see Kangana support Jawan. 

However, not everyone was pleased with Kangana, trolling her for hailing the film after her comments about Aryan Khan’s drug case.

At the time, Kangana claimed that Aryan should not be glorified. She said:

“We make mistakes but we mustn’t glorify them.

“It’s good not to gossip about someone when they vulnerable but it’s criminal to make them feel that they did no wrong.”

One netizen fired at Kangana’s kind words regarding Jawan. They said:

“Okay, Kangana. Just maintain this sanity and we might start liking you again.”

Another added: “I think Kangana should see the movie first, then comment… self-damage.”

A third chimed: “Kangu, trying to repair burnt bridges.”

Another user added to the idea of burning bridges, hoping that SRK wouldn’t pay her attention:

“Is she trying to build the bridges she burnt? Who asked her to give a publicly scathing opinion when his son was going through something hard?”

“I hope SRK doesn’t entertain her at all.”

Regardless of differing opinions, Kangana is also a part of the industry. It is always good to see members of the same fraternity come out in support of each other.

Jawan released on September 7, 2023. It had a great start at the box office and has currently earned over Rs. 210 Crore (£20 million).

Manav is a creative writing graduate and a die-hard optimist. His passions include reading, writing and helping others. His motto is: “Never hang on to your sorrows. Always be positive."

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