Is AP Dhillon Dating Khushi Kapoor?

AP Dhillon has fans talking again as a recent song has led many fans to believe he could be dating Janhvi Kapoor’s sister, Khushi.

Is AP Dhillon Dating Khushi Kapoor?

A specific line has fans buzzing

AP Dhillon, the mastermind behind the chart-topping track ‘Brown Munde’, has once again caught everyone’s attention with his new release, ‘True Stories’.

The song is a collaboration between AP Dhillon and Shinda Kahlon, with musical composition by the talented Gore Ocean.

However, this catchy tune is creating quite a stir, and not just because of its infectious beat.

In a surprising twist, Dhillon drops a direct reference to none other than Khushi Kapoor in the song’s lyrics, igniting a wave of speculation about a possible romance between the two.

Khushi is the younger sister of actress Janhvi Kapoor.

Khushi will be following in the footsteps of her older sibling later this year and it seems her growing online presence hasn’t got unnoticed by fellow celebrities, and a certain AP Dhillon. 

A specific line has fans buzzing when Dhillon sings “jado hase te lage tu Khushi Kapoor” which translates to “when you laugh, you resemble Khushi Kapoor”.

This clever mention of Khushi in the song has fans eagerly speculating and fueling the rumour mill.

Listen to the song and see what you think: 


Whilst the pair are staying silent, social media has gone into a frenzy to try a figure out if the duo are really seeing each other.

Sarbpreet on YouTube commented: 

“So I guess we know who AP’s new album will be all about if they break up LOL.”

Whilst on Twitter, Hihi G said:

“If AP Dhillon and Khushi Kapoor are dating, imma lose my sh*t!!!”

Avoni, another fan of the song, was also confused by the lyrics and tweeted: 

“AP Dhillon using Khushi Kapoor’s name is so random out of all the people wth…I need answers asappppp.” 

AP Dhillon has made a name for himself in the Punjabi music scene, with multiple singles climbing the ranks of the Official Charts Company UK Asian and Punjabi charts.

He is currently preparing to headline his self-curated Summer High Festival in Toronto towards the end of July. 

Meanwhile, Khushi Kapoor is gearing up for her much-anticipated debut in Zoya Akhtar’s 2023 film, The Archies.

This exciting project is based on the beloved American comic book series and has fans eagerly awaiting its release.

The film’s trailer recently premiered at the Tudum event in Brazil, showcasing Khushi’s talent.

The actress will feature alongside a star-studded cast that includes the debuts of Shar Rukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana, and Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson, Agastya. 

The Archies is set to hit Netflix screens on November 24, 2023.

Do you think the name drop in ‘True Stories’ was a clue to Dhillon’s new partner or simply an entertaining lyric? 

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