Is Alia Bhatt collaborating with K-Pop Boy Band BTS?

Bollywood star Alia Bhatt’s recent tweet has led fans to wonder if she is planning a collaboration with her seemingly favourite band BTS.

Is Alia Bhatt collaborating with K-Pop band BTS? f

"some of you guys need to chill.”

Rumours are circling about whether Bollywood star Alia Bhatt could be collaborating with South Korean boy band BTS.

It is no secret that Bhatt is a huge fan of the seven-member band, and she has already added their recently release single Butter to her playlist.

Now, fans seem to think she has hinted at a possible collaboration with the K-Pop group.

Samsung India recently took to Twitter to announce the upcoming release of their brand new phone.

The phone is limited edition and features exclusive packaging and in-box items inspired by BTS.

Posted on Monday, August 9, 2021, Samsung India shared a promotional video featuring the band, tweeting:

“Is ‘good’ good enough? Get ready to unfold.

“Here comes #SamsungUnpacked like no other! When the day of August 11, 2021 comes, get it, let it roll! #GalaxyxBTS”

Alia Bhatt tweeted her excitement for Samsung India’s collaboration with BTS on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. This was on the same day the limited edition phone was released.

Her tweet reads:

“Good is NEVER enough! Great is better @SamsungIndia. @BTS_twt love those #butter smooth moves. #Collab.”

The hashtag “#Collab” was enough to send fans into a frenzy about whether Alia Bhatt is due to partner up with BTS.

One person said:

“What is my fave Indian actress and my (insert appropriate description to suit you), BTS collabing together?”

However, many were quick to dismiss the rumours by pointing out that Alia Bhatt has her own connection to Samsung India, and her collaboration hashtag does not refer to any project with BTS.

One user said:

“She’s the brand ambassador for Samsung India and is just doing her job, some of you guys need to chill.”

Another BTS fan wrote:

“Lol guys chill it ain’t that serious of an issue, she’s already so popular in India, and let’s not forget she’s India’s ambassador for Samsung.

“It’s probably a paid tweet only and our boys are getting promoted anyway.”

A third said:

“Some of here don’t know the fact that she’s already a very popular star in India and she doesn’t need BTS for any kind of clout, moreover that collab thing is with Samsung as she’s the new brand ambassador for it, some people are really obsessed though…

“Spare her from this!!!!”

Despite this, not all fans are happy about Alia Bhatt’s love of BTS in the first place. According to some users, she is only using the band for publicity.

One user said:

“Stay away Alia from our BTS. We don’t want nepo kids to come to world’s biggest artist’s concert in India.”

Another wrote:

“BTS will definitely come to India after complete irradiation of Covid. For that we don’t need support of Bollywood in any cost.

“Bollywood mafias are not human so BTS should not be dragged into it. So don’t support this propaganda.”

The phone Samsung India was hinting at in their promotional video with BTS has since been released.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the world’s first water-resistant foldable smartphone and is available to pre-order on the Samsung website.

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Images courtesy of Alia Bhatt and BTS Instagram.