Ira Khan launches new Mental Health Support Company

Ira Khan has launched a brand new company, Agatsu Foundation, with the aim of extending mental health support to those in need.

Ira Khan launches new Mental Health Support Company f

Agatsu Foundation is a judgement-free space

Ira Khan, the daughter of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, has launched her own mental health support company.

Khan’s new company, Agatsu Foundation, aims to provide mental health support to those in need.

Ira Khan is often vocal about mental health and her experiences with depression, particularly on social media.

Now, she has taken to social media to announce her plans to support others through her new venture.

Ira Khan made the announcement in a video uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

In the video, Khan said:

“I have registered a Section 8 company, called Agatsu Foundation, which launches today.

“Agatsu is my attempt of trying to find a balance, of trying to attain equilibrium, to make my life better for me and facilitate you making your life better in whichever way.

“Come check us out!”

Agatsu Foundation also has its own Instagram page.

The first video uploaded to it features a montage of greetings from those close to Ira Khan.

The video includes her mother Reena Dutta, her stepmother Kiran Rao and her boyfriend Nupur Shikhare.

Actress Fatima Sana Shaikh and stand-up comedian Rahul Subramanian also came together to support Ira Khan, along with many others.

Also on the Instagram page, a video was uploaded to inform their followers of the work they plan to do.

Part of the video’s caption read:

“Our aim is to be that organisation, someone who takes this wild ride with you.

“We call ourselves Agatsu, it means self victory.

“Not the kind of victory that asks you to conquer yourself, the kind that is subtler, more sustainable – some control over your wellbeing.

“Over time we’ll address many of the problems that plague us, but this is our first step, to raise awareness about what mental wellbeing actually is and to increase your accessibility to tools that can help you.”

Ira Khan’s Agatsu Foundation is a judgement-free space, which will begin with offline services and an anonymous and moderated forum.

The company also has screened mental health professionals, and an apprenticeship for licensed professionals.

Ira Khan often takes to Instagram to speak on various issues surrounding her mental wellbeing.

In a video posted to Instagram on April 1, 2021, Khan said that her mental health compels her to take on too much work.

She says she frequently experiences burnouts, and that part of her is “broken, so it’s crying”.

Also in the video, Ira Khan says that she is looking to find a balance in her life, which is Agatsu Foundation’s main aim for its audience.

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Image courtesy of Ira Khan Instagram

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