Mother launches Indian Catering Company in Back Garden

A Coventry mother launched an Indian catering company, running her business in her back garden, after her friends raved about her meals.

Mother launches Indian Catering Company in Back Garden f

"why I don't just set up my own business."

A woman from Coventry is running her own Indian catering company in her back garden.

Hiral Gohil juggles life as a busy mother and businesswoman and says people tell her that her food is the best in the city.

She makes food for various communities and caters for weddings and parties.

Dishes include chickpeas, daal, rice and curries.

On why she decided to set up a catering business, Hiral said:

“My friends and family were coming round and complimenting my food saying how amazing it was and that I should set up my own business.

“One day I was sitting and thinking about why I don’t just set up my own business.

“I now feel so happy doing it and I love to see the smile on people’s faces. I get a strong motivation from them.”

Her catering company has received rave reviews from locals and those outside Coventry alike.

Hiral moved to England from India in 2009.

Since her dream job was to work in HR and payroll, Hiral never thought about having her own catering company.

But she revealed that whenever she cooks, she always receives compliments so the business feels like her cooking has naturally progressed.

Her food is bought and made fresh at home. According to Hiral, this is what makes her business stand out from competitors and why customers like the quality of her food.

Mother launches Indian Catering Company in Back Garden

But the business, called H’s Kitchen, has experienced several challenges along the way.

Speaking about the initial difficulties she and the business experienced, Hiral said:

“It was really hard when I started.”

“I used to do the shopping early morning and drop the children off at school whilst also preparing everything for my tiffin service by 5 pm for when people had finished work.”

Hiral’s catering company is set up in her back garden, where she has burners and fridge freezers.

But she hopes to expand her business in the future, moving to a large commercial kitchen so she can cater for bigger weddings and parties.

On her future aspirations, Hiral added:

“My plan is to have 1,000 people where I do everything, the decoration, set-up and the labels are all H’s Kitchen.

“When you are cooking fresh food from home this is totally different, home food comes from love and hard work.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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