Inside Priyanka Chopra’s mansion in Canada

Priyanka Chopra is living it up with a burgeoning career in the US whilst maintaining her star power in Bollywood. Take a look inside her luxury mansion.

Inside Priyanka Chopra's mansion in Canada

“Oh God, I could wear Alexander McQueen all my life.”

When Priyanka Chopra started headlining ABC’s new TV series Quantico, travelling frequently between India and the US also became part of her job description.

So PeeCee rents a house in Montreal, where the first season of Quantico is filmed.

But don’t be mistaken – this is no ordinary home.

Matching the star power of this former beauty queen-turned-Bollywood actress who is also armed with singing talents, the five-bedroom mansion is everything we could ever dream of!

An indoor swimming pool covered with quarry blue and marble white mosaic tiles is where our Bollywood sweetheart hangs out with her mother, and celeb friends – Anabelle Acosta from Quantico and Meghan Markle from hit legal drama, Suits.

Inside Priyanka Chopra's mansion in CanadaThe floor-to-ceiling windows adjacent to the pool open up a stunning view of a luscious green garden, decorated with beautiful outdoor furniture.

An elaborate chandelier, ornately carved wood furniture and wrought iron stairs railing – they all give the mansion’s its lavish interior and chilled ambience.

Complete with round marble columns, Priyanka’s luxury home is a true reflection of her rising global star status.

Inside Priyanka Chopra's mansion in CanadaActing aside, her fashion prowess has attracted a lot of media attention, as we have seen at the Oscars, White House Correspondents’ Dinner and various magazine covers.

A look inside her wardrobe at this mind-blowing mansion will reveal the Baywatch (2017) star’s styling secrets.

In a photoshoot with US lifestyle magazine The Coveteur, Priyanka showcases some of her most beloved items – from an envious collection of Christian Louboutin and Hermès heels to Dior sunglasses and a Valentino bag.

She says: “My favorite products are StriVectin; Diptyque, I swear by the Diptyque lotions for my body; SK-II for my face.

“For my hair, I use Oribé – between Oribé and Kiehls. My face wash is the Green Tea face wash from M.A.C.

“[My daily uniform is] jeans, and they’re usually ripped, with boots and a leather jacket. And a tank top or a funky t-shirt and my backpack.

“It’s pretty much like [my character] Alex, that’s what Sammy told me, who is our stylist on Quantico. She said that she styles Alex after my airport look.”

Inside Priyanka Chopra's mansion in CanadaDespite her preference for a down-to-earth everyday look favouring ASOS and Zara, PeeCee – like many of us – cannot resist designer brands.

She says: “Oh God, I could wear Alexander McQueen all my life, for sure. But I can pick up stuff from Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria Beckham without trying them on, and I know that they’ll fit me.”

Inside Priyanka Chopra's mansion in CanadaBut there is one thing that she cherishes more than any other expensive jewellery in her wardrobe – a charm necklace from her late father.

“And when he was ill – you know when someone is ill, if you find a charm from blah, blah, blah religious place, or like this will do good for him, put a black stone under his – you do everything that you think they need.

“So this was a really heavy charm that we made my dad wear, which had prayers from different religions and different holy places and things like that on it. That’s my most prized possession. I wear that all the time.”

Take a closer look at Priyanka’s mansion and wardrobe in our gallery below:

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Images courtesy of Priyanka Chopra, Meghan Markle, Anabelle Acosta Instagram, and The Coveteur