Indian Woman married 3 Times in 3 Months & fled with Jewellery

An Indian woman was involved in a scam where she married three men within three months and fled each time with jewellery and other valuables.

Indian Woman married 3 Times in 3 Months & fled with Jewellery f

he discovered that his valuables were missing.

Police have arrested a 27-year-old Indian woman after she duped three men by marrying each one and fleeing with their valuables just days later.

The incident took place in the city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

It was reported that the woman married the three men within a three-month period.

Police identified the accused as Vijaya Amrute. It was revealed she turned to crime after she and her husband lost their jobs as a result of the lockdown.

An investigation revealed that Amrute needed money to support her family so she joined a crime racket. As part of the racket, she married three men before leaving each one’s home with their valuables just days later.

Inspector Sudhakar Bavkar said that the racket and Amrute’s crimes came to light after a man named Yogesh Shirsath was looking for his wife only to hear that she married another man.

He realised he was duped when he discovered that his valuables were missing. Yogesh also heard that other man’s valuables had disappeared.

A police complaint was registered and Amrute was arrested on October 31, 2020.

The Indian woman first married Yogesh and stayed with him for around two weeks before leaving.

Amrute then married Sandeep Darade of Raigad District, Maharashtra. She stayed with him for just a few days before fleeing with his jewellery.

She married a third man from western Maharashtra.

Following Amrute’s arrest, police say that she is associated with a couple who operates the fraud by targeting men who are searching for a bride.

The couple would make contact with the victims and claim to have found a suitable bride for them.

Once the prospective groom and his parents agree to the marriage, the couple would charge between Rs. 2 (£2,000) and 5 (£5,100) Lakh.

The Times of India reported that the couple would tell the victims that the fee was so that they could perform the wedding ceremony. The money would also include their commission as well as wedding expenses.

As part of the scam, the bride would stay with her new husband for a matter of days before she ran away with jewellery and valuables.

Reportedly, after leaving the victims’ home, the bride would give the valuables to the couple in exchange for payment.

Amrute remains in custody. Police are now investigating to identify the couple and to determine how many victims there may be.

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