Indian Woman killed after being Dragged by Car for 12km

A police investigation is underway after an Indian woman on a scooter was hit by a car and dragged for 12 kilometres.

Indian Woman killed after being Dragged by Car for 12km f

"Then they just drove off, dragging her under the car."

An investigation into the shocking death of a 20-year-old Indian woman is currently underway.

Anjali Singh had reportedly attended a New Year’s Eve party in Delhi.

She had been on her way home when the scooter she was on was hit by a car.

The young woman’s body was then dragged by the car for approximately 12 kilometres from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala, causing catastrophic injuries and killing her.

Police have arrested the five people who were inside the car.

They have been identified as Deepak Khanna, Amit Khanna, Krishan, Mithun and Manoj Mittal.

The men claimed they did not know Anjali had become trapped and only realised when making a turn. During questioning, the men said they fled after seeing the woman’s body.

They said they had music on in the car and could not hear anything.

After analysing CCTV footage, police have revealed that Anjali was not alone. She had been with a friend named Nidhi.

During questioning, it was revealed that Nidhi was there when Anjali was hit by the car.

But instead of helping her friend, Nidhi went home, telling police she was in shock and did not tell anyone out of fear she would be blamed.

Recalling the incident, Nidhi said:

“The Baleno hit us head on. I fell to one side and she fell towards the front.

“My friend got stuck under the car. The men knew that a girl had rolled under their car.

“They deliberately ran over her. They knew. The girl was stuck under the car and she was screaming.

“I felt so hopeless that I went home.

“I went home and didn’t tell anything to anyone. I had panicked. I cried a lot. They drove forward and back twice. Forward and back. Twice. She was on her back. Probably got stuck in something. So they went forward and back.

“Then they just drove off, dragging her under the car.”

Nidhi said the five men inside the car knew Anjali was under the vehicle and contrary to other witness accounts, she claimed that no music was playing in their car.

Nidhi also claimed that Anjali was drunk but insisted on riding the scooter. She said that this is what they were arguing about in the hotel.

This was confirmed by the hotel manager, who said:

“Both of them were arguing. When I told them not to fight, they went downstairs and started fighting, after which both of them went on a scooter.”

However, the autopsy report found no trace of alcohol in Anjali’s stomach.

The family doctor said: “According to the autopsy report, there was food inside the stomach.

“If she would have been drunk, the report would have mentioned the presence of a chemical. But the report says only food has been detected (inside the stomach).”

He went on to say the incident was murder, but not a normal one.

“A murder is considered sadistic when a victim is brutally tortured before death. As per the autopsy report, she suffered 40 injuries.”

The discrepancies in Nidhi’s statements have led to the belief that she might have been involved.

CCTV footage showed Nidhi returning home without any signs of injury, despite claiming she was also hit by the car.

Although she is believed to have been Anjali’s friend, the victim’s mother does not know who Nidhi is.

Rekha Singh said: “Nidhi is saying all the wrong things. If Nidhi was my daughter’s friend, then how did she leave her alone?

“This is a well thought-out conspiracy, Nidhi might be involved in this. There should be an investigation.

“I don’t know Nidhi, I have never seen her. Anjali never used to drink, she never came home in an inebriated state and we don’t believe whatever claims Rekha made.”

Meanwhile, Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal called for a probe into Nidhi since she left her ‘friend’ dying.

She said: “Anjali’s friend is repeatedly saying that it was Anjali’s fault. I want to know what kind of friend she is.

“When her friend came under a car and was screaming and crying for help, she ran home and went to bed.”

“She did not feel the need to inform anyone about the accident. Neither did she inform the police. Had she tried, Anjali could have been saved.

“Ever since the police tracked her down, Nidhi has only been trying to defame Anjali.

“How can we believe a girl who is not loyal even to her dead friend?

“Anjali died a very painful death. She was dragged for 12km on the streets of Delhi.

“Her naked dead body was found on the road. What was the fault of that girl who suffered so much pain? Stop blaming the victim.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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