Indian Wife ‘smells’ so Husband files for Divorce

A man has filed for a divorce from his Indian wife as he is fed up of her for not bathing regularly. The woman has alleged that her husband had abused her.

Indian Wife 'smells' so Husband files for Divorce f

"She does not have a bath, nor does she wash her hair."

An unnamed man from Patna, Bihar has filed for divorce as he has become angry at his wife for not taking regular baths.

On the other hand, she went to a state-run watchdog and accused her husband of physically abusing her.

Despite repeated advice from her husband, the unnamed woman would avoid taking baths. Her lack of hygiene resulted in a strong odour.

This led to issues in their marriage despite only being married for one year.

Her lack of care for herself became so irritating for the man that he filed for a divorce.

The odd dispute came to light when the National Commission for Women (NCW) summoned the husband after the woman reported him.

The woman accused her husband of abusing her. They sent a notice to him and requested that he appear before the commission.

He told the NCW that he and his wife got married in 2018 and her unhygienic lifestyle had become frustrating for him. This led to frequent arguments between the couple.

The man said: “She does not have a bath, nor does she wash her hair.

“Her body gives off foul odours and hence I cannot stay with her. I want a divorce.”

He went on to explain that his wife’s refusal to bathe regularly had even led to her contracting head lice.

He tried giving her shampoo to use but she used it to wash the bed sheets.

The husband added: “She ignored my advice for taking regular baths, and when I gave her shampoo to wash her hair, she would use it to clean bed sheets.”

The NCW forged a temporary compromise between the husband and his wife.

They were able to reconcile and the couple are living together again. The NCW will meet with them again in April 2019 to see if progress has been made on their marriage.

Additionally, the commission has ordered the husband to take his wife to the doctor and to have her treated for any physical or mental illness.

The commission has also told the couple that if things do not work out, then further steps will need to be taken.

While the couple has not yet divorced, there has been some strange reasons for divorce.

In one case, a couple who had just got married were quickly divorced after a fight broke out between their families.

The groom’s family were not happy about the choice of wedding meal and this led to a fight.

The newlywed couple ended up getting divorced at their wedding venue.

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