Indian Wife seeks Divorce after Husband started Sex Work

A 24-year-old Indian wife from Karnataka has sought a divorce from her husband after finding out he started sex work.

Indian Wife seeks Divorce after Husband started Sex Work f

She discovered a folder containing graphic photos.

A 24-year-old Indian wife wants to divorce her husband after discovering he became a sex worker. The incident happened in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The unnamed man used to work at a call centre, however, he lost his job during the lockdown.

He then became a male escort and kept his job a secret until his wife found out.

The women’s helpline, Vanitha Sahayavani, intervened by providing the couple with counselling in a bid to revive their marriage.

However, the couple could not settle their differences and the wife now seeks to divorce her husband.

The couple first met in 2017 as they both worked for the same call centre company.

They were in a relationship for two years before marrying in 2019 and renting a house in Subramanyanagar.

But in 2020, the man lost his job due to the economic impact of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown.

As a result, he started looking for other jobs.

The Indian wife started growing suspicious when she noticed that her husband was using his laptop and mobile phone much more.

He also started visiting places on short notice and would not discuss where he was going.

The matter came to light in November 2020 when the wife decided to access her husband’s computer. She discovered a folder containing graphic photos.

BS Saraswathi, a senior counsellor at Vanitha Sahayavani said:

“She found a secret folder containing numerous nude photos of her husband and selfies of semi-naked women unknown to her.

“She discovered he was a male escort charging Rs. 3,000 (£29) to Rs. 5,000 (£48) per hour and had numerous clients in the city.”

The woman confronted her husband but when she questioned him about the photos, he refused to admit it was him.

She spoke to some of her friends and they advised her to speak to Vanitha Sahayavani.

The couple discussed the matter in February 2021.

Saraswathi said: “During interaction with his wife, he admitted to becoming a commercial sex worker after losing his job.

“He declared his love for his newfound secret profession which was introduced to him by a close friend.”

But at the same time, he was not willing to separate from his wife. Therefore, he promised to sort out his ways by giving up being a male escort.

Despite four sessions of counselling, the wife was determined to end the marriage.

It was reported that the couple filed a mutual consent divorce petition in court.

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