Indian Teenager Kills Girlfriend over Pregnancy Fears

A girl told her boyfriend that she may be pregnant. Fearing that her parents may find out, the 17-year-old Indian teenager murdered his girlfriend.

Indian Teenager Kills Girlfriend over Pregnancy Fears f

"Fearing the wrath of her family, he decided to eliminate her."

A 17-year-old Indian student from Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh, was arrested by police on Saturday, November 10, 2018, for murdering his girlfriend.

Two friends of the boy, also minors, have been arrested for helping him kill the girl, aged 16.

The teenager has since confessed to the murder and his accomplices admitted to helping him.

A police officer from Visakhapatnam district said:

“The man accused has confessed to killing her. We are unable to understand why the two friends of the man accused agreed to help him as they knew he planned to murder her.”

Police came to find out about the murder after the girl’s parents filed a missing report on the night of November 7, 2018, after she went out and never returned.

The girl, a second-year Intermediate student and her boyfriend had been in a relationship for a year.

Police said that the girl had told her boyfriend that she may be pregnant. Fearing that her parents may find out, he tried to give her some pills but she refused.

He then decided to kill her, with the help of his two friends. All three of the minors live together in a street near the girl’s home.

A police official said: “One of the boys was in a relationship with the girl since the last year.”

“The boy said that about a fortnight ago she informed him that she may be pregnant. He tried to give her some pills but she refused.”

“Fearing the wrath of her family if they came to know, he decided to eliminate her.”

Although the girl had said that she may be pregnant, there was no confirmation that she was expecting a child.

Police heard that the teenager had asked the girl to meet him at a local playground, where he carried out the crime.

The official added: “On the evening of November 7, he summoned her to a nearby playground.”

“When she arrived, he hit her with a rod and then strangled her to death with the help of his two friends.”

“Then they poured petrol and set the body on fire in an attempt to prevent identification. But the body was only partially burnt.”

At present, the police are awaiting a post-mortem report to confirm the cause of death and whether the girl was actually pregnant.

Teenage pregnancy in India is extremely common.

One of the world’s highest numbers of teenage pregnancies is India, with approximately 16 million girls between the ages of 15 to 19 becoming mothers each year. This is 11% of the world’s teenage pregnancies.

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