Indian Killer of Wife he had Affair With is Arrested

An Indian killer from Jaipur has been arrested and taken to Delhi. Dinesh Dixit had an affair with a wife, before allegedly murdering her.

Indian Killer of Wife he had Affair with Arrested f

"he got liquor for the woman and got her intoxicated."

Indian killer Dinesh Dixit, aged 56, of Jaipur, has been arrested for allegedly murdering the wife of a retired Air Force wing commander.

He was arrested on Monday, April 29, 2019, and later taken to Delhi. He was tracked down by a police team.

Dixit had an affair with 52-year-old Meenu Jain. She was later found dead at her home on Friday, April 26, 2019.

Dixit worked as a real estate agent but was debt-ridden. He posed as a rich businessman on his various social media accounts to befriend women.

He met Meenu in November 2018 through a dating app and frequently visited Delhi to meet her.

DCP Anto Alphonse said: “The accused revealed to the police that he met the victim through an app and both of them kept in touch through WhatsApp calls.

“He revealed that on the day of the murder, he reached the woman’s house in the afternoon, both of them had lunch together, after this he got liquor for the woman and got her intoxicated.

“After the woman was drunk, the accused stole her jewellery and smothered the woman.”

Dixit had allegedly plotted to rob Meenu after losing a lot of money through betting. He knew that there were cash and expensive jewellery in the house.

Dixit revealed that had a fake car registration plate made for his vehicle.

The car, which is registered under his son’s name, had a registration number RJ-14YC-2774. He got it changed to DL-07AW-8973 before heading to Delhi on April 25, 2019.

When he reached Delhi, Dixit switched off his phone and took out another phone to communicate with Meenu.

When he got to the house at 2:20 pm, he called Meenu and avoided getting his details recorded at the main gate.

Dixit and Meenu left the building at 8:45 pm and returned at 9:15 pm after buying food from the local market.

Later that night, Meenu was intoxicated and Dixit tried to steal the cash and jewellery.

When the victim resisted, Dixit allegedly smothered her with towels and a pillow at around 2:30 am. CCTV footage showed the suspect leaving the housing at 5:21 am.

He took valuables and cash worth Rs. 50 Lakh (£55,000), along with Jain’s two phones.

Meenu’s father and brother found her body at 7:45 am when they came to check on her.

DCP Alphonse said: “The victim was shifted to Ayushman Hospital situated in Sector-10 of Dwarka where she was declared brought dead.”

ACP Rajender Singh formed a team to investigate the case. They discovered Dixit’s number plate was fake when they spotted his vehicle in the CCTV footage.

They then looked at footage of nearby roads. They spotted the car at various tolls which suggested that it was heading towards Jaipur.

DCP Alphonse added: “Through the location of the Google Maps and the CCTV located in the society, it was found that the accused’s car had gone to Jaipur.”

Dixit’s social media accounts were looked at to gather evidence. They later reached Sikar where Dixit’s family lived, which led them to his house. On reaching the house, officers found the same car.

DCP Alphonse said: “The robbed money has been recovered and Dixit is being interrogated in police remand.”

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