Married Indian Man Chops Up Woman He had Affair With

A 32-year-old married Indian man from Delhi murdered a woman whom he had been having an affair with. He later chopped up her body.

Married Indian Man Chops Up Woman He had Affair With f

she continued turning down his proposals.

A 32-year-old Indian man identified as Mohammad Ayub was arrested for allegedly killing his lover on Friday, August 30, 2019.

He reportedly murdered her by slitting her throat and later chopping up her body into pieces after she refused to marry him.

Police have stated that Ayub was from the Turkman Gate area in Delhi.

Officers explained that the victim was identified as Lata, also known as Salma. They added that she was a sex worker.

After he was arrested and during interrogation, the police discovered that Ayub was married and had four children.

Ayub had been having an affair with Lata and soon fell in love with her. It is believed he killed her after she refused his marriage proposal.

The suspect had been married since 2008. He reportedly met Lata in a brothel in 2015 and he soon began seeing her for sex.

The two then went on to have an extra-marital affair. Ayub later asked her to marry him but she refused.

He repeatedly asked her to marry him and even started to force her to quit her job as a sex worker but she continued turning down his marriage proposals.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Pramod Singh Kushwah explained that the Indian man became angry with her constant rejections so he planned to kill her.

On Tuesday, August 20, 2019, Ayub met with Lata and the two went for an evening walk near the Bawana Canal.

He lured her to an isolated area where he slit her throat with a knife. Ayub then allegedly chopped her body into pieces before dumping it near the canal and fleeing the scene.

Police officers discovered Lata’s mutilated body near the canal the next day.

A case was registered under the section of murder of the Indian Penal Code at Kailashnath Katju Marg Police Station.

Police officers explained that the body was chopped into five pieces so that it would make it more difficult to identify.

The special cell of Delhi Police investigated the murder after receiving a tip-off from a witness who said they saw Ayub with the victim walking by the canal.

Officers traced the movements of the Indian man and later arrested him in the Turkman Gate area. DCP Kushwah confirmed that he was arrested on August 30, 2019.

NDTV reported that police officers also recovered a scooter that Ayub borrowed when meeting his lover by the canal.

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