Indian Girl aged 7 Falls in Bathroom and Survives on Water

A seven-year-old Indian girl from Telangana survived for five days on just that the water that was available in the bathroom.

Indian Girl aged 7 Falls in Bathroom and Survives on Water

"The neighbour's roof had an opening in the plastic net through which she fell"

Kuravakacheri Akhila, a seven-year-old Indian girl from Telangana, survived for five days on water after falling into the bathroom of her neighbour’s house while playing.

The incident took place in Makhtal town, Telangana which is about 100 miles from Hyderabad.

Kuravakacheri was found in the night on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, by the homeowner who had returned from a trip.

He found the girl lying on the bathroom floor. As she had no food and only survived on water for five days, the girl had become very weak and was in a state of shock.

Kuravakacheri, who was not even able to speak due to her weakened state, was taken to a local hospital.

A police investigation revealed that the class 2 student had been playing on the terrace of an adjacent building on April 20, 2019.

She then fell down onto the bathroom of her neighbour’s house. The roof had an opening which was fitted with a plastic net which is what Kuravakacheri fell through.

Fortunately, she sustained no injuries as a rope with clothes on it broke her fall.

Sub-inspector Ashok Kumar said: “The neighbour’s roof had an opening in the plastic net through which she fell into the bathroom.

“She sustained no injuries as there was a rope tied for drying clothes, which she held on to and then slipped inside the bathroom.

“The house was locked as the owner had gone to Hyderabad.”

The bathroom was locked from the outside and cries for help went unanswered due to her neighbour being away. Police officers said there was nobody in the nearby houses who could her cries.

Her parents Suresh and Mahadevamma filed a missing person complaint the next day after an unsuccessful search for their daughter.

According to SI Kumar, the girl’s parents thought she went missing from a local fair.

The police formed a team to carry out the search. They also alerted the police in adjacent districts and Hyderabad but found no clues.

The girl was found when the owner Venkatesh returned home and found the girl lying in his bathroom. He was shocked to see the unconscious girl and alerted the neighbours.

When the neighbours arrived, they identified her as the daughter of a couple who lived behind their house.

SI Kumar added:

“The girl survived only on the water kept in the bucket for nearly five days. She was taken to a hospital and was given first aid.”

Venkatesh, a teacher, had been in Hyderabad attending a marriage.

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