Gauahar Khan breaks Covid-19 Rules despite ‘Positive Test’

Bollywood actress Gauahar Khan is said to have broken Covid-19 rules. This comes after she allegedly tested positive for the virus.

Gauahar Khan may institutionally quarantine for Covid violation f

"Gauahar Khan is cooperating with everything"

Actress and model Gauahar Khan may have to institutionally quarantine for violating Covid-19 rules.

Khan reportedly disobeyed Covid-19 protocols by leaving the house for a film shooting.

It was even more of a concern after it was reported that she tested positive for the virus.

As a result, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) K-west ward filed an FIR against the actress.

The FIR came on Monday, March 15, 2021.

Khan’s team has since hit back at the claims by saying that she had tested negative in multiple reports.

Now, new reports are suggesting that the actress is likely to be institutionally quarantined until Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

Speaking of the quarantine, an official for the BMC said:

“Even if she has a report dated March 12 that says ‘negative’, it is strongly recommended that the person needs to isolate himself for the next 14 days from the day he/she tests positive.

“Therefore, if Gauahar’s report was first positive on March 11, she should have isolated herself up separately till March 24.

“But she didn’t do that.”

As a result of Gauahar Khan’s failure to isolate, the official said that the actress will have to stay in institutional quarantine until Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

The official added:

“And after that, she has to undergo a PCR test. If the reports come negative then only she can walk freely.”

Gauahar Khan’s violation of Covid-19 protocols came to light after BMC officials visited her at her residence in Andheri, Mumbai.

After she did not open the door, they learned that she went out for a film shooting.

Following the FIR against her, Gauahar Khan’s team issued a statement.

The statement read:

“For everyone sending their best wishes and concern for Gauahar Khan, here’s the latest report.

“She has tested negative in multiple reports.

“She’s a law-abiding citizen and complying with all the norms of BMC. This is to appeal for all the speculation to be put to an end.

“Gauahar Khan is cooperating with everything that the BMC requires.

“Requesting all the media houses to not indulge in speculation and respect Gauahar’s emotionally lowest time as she’s just lost her father 10 days ago and she’s going through everything from her by the BMC.

“So with folded hands, we want Gauahar’s time to herself, respectfully, and let her heart heal in this mourning time.”

Gauahar Khan recently made headlines after her father passed away in March 2021.

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Image courtesy of Gauahar Khan Instagram

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