Faryal Makhdoom defends Daughter’s £75k Birthday Party

After coming under criticism, Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom has defended spending £75,000 for her daughter’s first birthday party.

Faryal Makhdoom defends Daughter's £75k Birthday Party f

"Whether I was married to Amir or not, if I could afford it, I would."

Faryal Makhdoom has spoken out to defend spending £75,000 on her daughter’s first birthday party.

After pictures of Alayna’s luxury rainforest inspired party were released, people were shocked that the celebration was so expensive especially as she is too young to remember it.

Faryal appeared on talk show Loose Women to explain why she and Amir Khan decided to pay for an extravagant party.

They hired the University of Bolton stadium, dancers dressed as animals and a four-tier cake.

Faryal said: “It was only fair because I did one for my older daughter.

“I think we work so hard and every penny we earn is for our children. I just wanted to do a big first birthday and for them to remember that their mum and dad threw them a wonderful day.”

Faryal also defended her choice after there were claims that some people would feel inadequate after seeing their party as they would not be able to do the same for their children.

She stated: “I did get people saying: ‘What about people that can’t afford to do it?’ or that the children won’t remember it, but I think you do it up to your budget.

“Whether I was married to Amir or not, if I could afford it, I would.”

Faryal Makhdoom defends Daughter's £75k Birthday Party

People had called out the couple for spending such a huge sum of cash on the party. Some suggested that they could have donated the money to charity instead.

Among the critics were Amir Khan’s parents, calling it “ridiculous”.

One posted on Twitter:

“It’s obscene, the child won’t remember, it is so parents can show off their wealth.”

“That old saying: ‘They know the price of everything but the value of nothing’ is apt for them.

“If you want to spend that amount of £ in honour of a child, divert it to a children’s charity. #shallow.”

Another social media user wrote: “They obviously have the money, so that is up to them. But in my opinion, that sort of party is clearly for the parents, not the child.

“What 14 month (celebrity child or not) is going to remember/appreciate a £75,000 party?!”

Loose Women panellist Saira Khan revealed a statistic that on average, parents spend three per cent of their salary on their child’s party.

Faryal agreed and said: “Times have changed. I believe I work really hard and so does my husband and it probably is about three per cent of what we do earn.

“Everyone’s different, everyone has a budget.”

If the three per cent figure is accurate, that would mean she and her husband earn £2.5 million a year.

Saira commented: “It might have been cheaper to actually take her to the Amazon.”

It is not the first that Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan have held a party at the stadium.

The couple has celebrated their engagement there. They also threw a second birthday party for their eldest daughter Lamaisah which cost £100,000.

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