Fahima Awan opens about Husband’s Sudden Death

Fahima Awan opened up about her husband’s sudden death. She also recalled the phone call she received about his death.

Fahima Awan opens about Husband's Sudden Death f

“Then he felt dizzy, leant against the wall for support"

Fahima Awan recently opened up about the sudden death of her husband and the harrowing phone call she received.

On Good Morning Pakistan, Fahima explained that she was in Saudi Arabia when she was told about the passing of her husband Faisal.

Fahima revealed that her husband previously suffered two heart attacks and went into severe depression, for which she begged him to get therapy for the sake of her and their children.

Speaking to host Nida Yasir, she said:

“I was performing Umrah and I told Faisal I had a dream about him where I’m hitting something.

“I said to Faisal you are going to get better now, I told him on the phone.

“Then he felt dizzy, leant against the wall for support and a heavy tile fell on his stomach damaging his intestines.”

She went on to say that Faisal was found unconscious and quickly taken to hospital where he underwent surgery. He was showing signs of a successful recovery before passing away a few days after.

Fahima recalled getting a phone call from her mother-in-law informing her of her husband’s death.

She said she felt guilty for not being with her husband in his final moments but was told that Allah chose for it to be this way as she would not have been able to see her husband die.

Fahima believed she was in the best place at the time to grieve her husband, because if it had been anywhere else then perhaps she would not have been able to survive the tragedy.

She expressed feeling as though she had no life left inside her but that she had to be strong for the sake of her children.

Sharing a snippet of the interview on her Instagram account, Fahima received messages of support and condolences for her loss.

One person wrote:

“My condolences. So sorry for your loss.”

“May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannat [heaven] and give you and your family sabar [patience].”

Another wrote: “Love and prayers for you. May Allah make it easy for you and your kids.”

Fahima has appeared in dramas such as Betiyaan, Kasak, Alif Allah Aur Insan and Qurban.

Fahima Awan revealed that Faisal was the brother of her friend Aisha and that it was she who introduced the pair for the purpose of marriage.

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