Pakistan’s Imran Khan Sentenced to Prison for Corruption

Former prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has been sentenced to prison by a trial court in Islamabad for corruption charges against him.

Pakistans Imran Khan Sentenced to Prison for Corruption f

"I have made in two months over 350 Court appearances"

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s political journey took an unexpected turn as an Islamabad trial court sentenced him to three years in prison for his involvement in illegally selling state gifts.

The ruling also imposed a five-year ban on his participation in active politics.

The verdict was delivered by Judge Humayun Dilawar, who stated that Khan’s involvement in corrupt practices had been proven beyond doubt.

The 70-year-old cricket legend turned politician faced accusations of misusing his position as Prime Minister during his term from 2018 to 2022.

He allegedly engaged in buying and selling gifts received during official visits abroad, with a total worth of over 140 million Pakistani rupees (approximately $635,000).

The gifts, including valuable watches presented by a royal family, were allegedly sold by Khan’s aides in Dubai, leading to the corruption charges.

Although Khan was not present in court during the hearing, news agency Reuters reported that his lawyer confirmed his arrest in Lahore.

Khan, known for his firm denial of any wrongdoing, asserted that the charges against him were politically motivated.

Since his ousting in April 2022, over 150 cases have been brought against him, making the current trial one of many legal battles he faces.

The consequences of this conviction may have severe implications on Khan’s political future.

As it could disqualify him from participating in the national elections scheduled to be held before early November 2023.

His political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), is already filing an appeal in the country’s Supreme Court. Therefore, the legal battle is far from over.

Critics and members of Khan’s legal team expressed concern over the fairness of the trial, highlighting that no chance was given to present witnesses, and insufficient time was allotted for concluding arguments.

These factors raised doubts about transparency and due process in the legal proceedings.

In a BBC television interview from Lahore prior to the sentencing and arrest, talking about the multitude of cases against him, Imran Khan said:

“All my time is spent from going from one court to another courtroom.

“I have made in two months over 350 Court appearances and my legal team is busy defending up one case after the other but the thing is nothing sticks.

“Because these are frivolous bogus cases.

“And what now they are planning to do is to have military courts and this is right now in the Supreme Court whether the courts will allow military courts or not.

“The objective of the military court is that there I certainly will be sentenced.”

Imran Khan’s time in office came to an abrupt end when he faced a no-confidence vote that led to his removal from power. Khan contended that the vote was influenced by the country’s powerful military, an allegation the military denies.

His targeting of the military and his brief arrest on corruption charges in May 2023 had intensified political tensions and sparked violent protests across the country.

As the nation waits for the outcome of the Supreme Court appeal, the fate of Imran Khan, once a celebrated cricket hero turned politician, hangs in the balance.

The trial court’s verdict has undoubtedly shaken the political landscape of Pakistan, leaving many questions about the future of its former leader and the implications it may have on the country’s political dynamics.

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