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Hong Kong is one of Southeast Asia’s greatest treasures. With an immense culture that fuses together the East and West, DESIblitz explores the best tourist spots of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong will never fail to impress you with all the countless things it has to offer.

Mysterious, loud, energetic, and crowded – these are just a few of the words that best describe Hong Kong.

This is a city where the East and the West converge to make one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

As the smog rises from Hong Kong harbour, one of the more distinctive British influences, the red open top buses travelling via English road signs, along with the large ex-pat community, make you feel somewhat at home.

From the warm summer climate, beautiful beaches, high-end shops, amazing food and distinctive heritage and culture, Hong Kong has enough to satisfy anyone.

Whether you decide to spend 3 days, a week or a month here, you will always find something to do.


Hong Kong Views

Night or day, the view from Victoria Peak is breath-taking. Although sometimes foggy, the landscape is a must see. Take our advice; do not leave the island until you have experienced this for yourself.

If you are an outdoors type and hiking is your thing, take the trek up to the peak. This invigorating 3km walk is not something you will regret.

The ferry to Kowloon Island also offers you the chance to see Hong Kong harbour from up close during the day. At night, it is illuminated by the light show performance at the top of the impressive skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island.


Heritage Hong Kong

The huge sitting Buddha statue, completed in 1989, sat atop a mountain on Lantau Island, is nothing short of remarkable. The design is a fusion of the Sui and Tang dynasties and every feature on the statue is imbued with religious meaning.

While on Lantau Island, take a trip to Tai O; walk through this bustling fishing village and enjoy a boat ride to see Hong Kong’s rare pink dolphins.

After this, stroll down to the Chi Lin Nunnery. See the Locals pray at the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, light some incense sticks and enjoy the beautiful architecture of both buildings.

Parks and Beaches

Beaches Hong Kong

Repulse Bay is quite crowded and attracts both locals and tourists alike throughout the summer season.

If quiet beaches with a family and cultural feel is more to your liking, then make your way to Lamma Island and wander down to the traditional fishing village. Not far from here, there is the small yet beautiful and peaceful Hung Shing Ye Beach.

One of the most surprising highlights of Hong Kong is its parks. They are a wonderful combination of Oriental culture and modern skyscrapers which provide a contrast to the greenery.

It would be easy to get lost in the huge parks which include an aviary as well as the path to the clock tower. Other great parks to visit are Victoria Park and Kowloon Park.


Nightlife Hong Kong

Whether it is nice quiet drinks with fellow travellers, friends and family or a mad night out with strangers you have just met, Hong Kong has it all.

One of the most famous bars in Hong Kong is the Sky Bar. This bar provides a more sophisticated feel while overlooking Hong Kong’s majestic skyline.

Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) offers some of the best bars in Hong Kong. The crowds are full to bursting with ex-pats, locals and travellers, all bar hopping and partying together along this energetic and lively street. Not only does LKF have one of the best nightlife scenes in Hong Kong but could compete to be one of the best in the world.

Whether you’re backpacking across Southeast Asia or on a luxury holiday, Hong Kong will never fail to impress you with all the countless things it has to offer.

If it’s a beach holiday, adventurous hiking or exploring Hong Kong’s insightful culture that you are after, this city has something for you.

Irandeep is a law student. He enjoys debating on politics, culture, civil rights and various other topics. Other interests include music, film and travel. His motto, “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

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