Explore Europe for less than £500

If you are strapped for cash and dying to travel then do not fear, Europe is bursting with great places to visit. DESIblitz is here to show you how you can explore Europe for less than £500!


Before you go on holiday, check for local discounts cards.

A small budget does not have to mean limited options! You can travel all over Europe for less than £500.

If you plan ahead and choose the right city, you can have a fantastic holiday for well under £100 per day.

Bonus tip: Before you go on holiday, check for local discounts cards. Virtually every city has some type of program that will give you discounts on admission to tourist attractions, restaurants, and public transport.

Think about what you want to do and weigh the costs of buying a card. Not only can the cards save you money, they will also let you bypass the ticket queues!

Budapest: The Treasure of Eastern Europe

Explore Europe Budapest

Budapest is a perfect choice all-around. You can find flights from the UK for less than £100 roundtrip. The capital of Hungary has a fantastic nightlife, thermal baths, and amazing architecture. You can stay at a hostel for just £5 per night or get into a mid-range hotel in the centre for around £40. You can also have your pick of restaurants for £10.

Budapest is easy to navigate. A guided tour is great for getting a history lesson but you really don’t need one to find your way around. Just bring a map and walk around to take in the atmosphere.

It’s also easy to find a bicycle rental so plan a couple of hours cycling around if the weather is good. After a long night out, be sure to also visit the thermal baths. They are very affordable and a perfect way to unwind. The Royal Palace is one of the top attractions and well worth a visit. For a breath-taking view of the city, head up to The Fisherman’s Bastion and Savoyai Terrace.

If you are planning an extended holiday around Europe, Budapest is an easy starting point. You can take a train to any of the major Central and Eastern European cities. If you plan ahead, you can go anywhere from Vienna to Zagreb for just £10.

Beach Holiday in Barcelona

Explore Europe Barcelona

You can often find flights from London to Barcelona for just £17 each way. If flights are booked up, also check options to Zaragoza with Ryan Air. It is a short train ride to Barcelona and a great opportunity to take in the Spanish countryside.

Barcelona has beautiful weather throughout most of the year so it’s a nice getaway anytime.

Barcelona was rated the top beach city in the world so it’s the ideal place for a relaxing holiday on the seaside. You’ll also want to plan on having some time to just stroll around and take in the Gaudi architecture.

Ciutat Vella is a fantastic area for walking and you’ll definitely want to stick around for a flamenco show in the evening. For the best view of the city, take the Harbour Cable Car.

You can find hostels for around £20 or stay at a mid-range hotel for £50. Eating out is a bit more expensive in Barcelona but you can cut costs by trying the amazing Spanish street food. Grocery stores often have ready-to-eat food so picnics are a good option for saving money and enjoying the fantastic weather.

Lisbon: The White City

Explore Europe Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the warmest cities on the continent so it is the best place to visit when you need a break from the cold winters at home.

You can find roundtrip flights there for less than £60. While there, you can stay in a hostel for just £15 or at a mid-priced hotel for around £40.

Lisbon is a very pedestrian friendly city. Be sure to spend at least one afternoon walking around the city square, Rossio. Cristo Rei is another must-see and tops the list of Lisbon’s iconic sites. It’s a bit of a journey to get there but well worth it. From the gorgeous statue, you can get a spectacular view of the entire city.

Restaurants are also very affordable. Smaller places may not have English menus but you can typically get ‘pratos do dia’ (plate of the day) for just £5.

The Famous Amsterdam

Explore Europe Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations and for a good reason. It can be an expensive place to visit but it doesn’t have to be. You can get a roundtrip ticket there for just £60 and the city is packed with free attractions.

Amsterdam was practically made for bicycling. It’s easy to rent a bike and there are free ferries regularly so you’ll probably never even need to worry about taking a taxi.

Spend the afternoon walking around Old Centre and taking in all of the historic architecture. The city is packed with world class museums and, if you do some searching, you can find a week’s worth of free attractions.

You can find hostels for around £15 but hotels are upwards of £80. If you’ll be travelling during holiday weekends, book early to avoid peak season prices. Restaurants can vary dramatically in price but the day markets are always a great option for fresh local food.

Travelling the world doesn’t have to break the bank. With careful planning you too can explore Europe and its wonders on a reasonable budget. Always keep a look out for the best deals so that you can enjoy and the make the most of your holiday.

Nicci is a style and culture blogger. She is an avid traveller who loves literature, cinema, art, exploring and, of course, Desi culture. Her life motto is “fortune favours the bold."

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