Dr Amir Khan shares 1p Hack to Repel Wasps

Summer can be annoying when wasps are chasing you around but Dr Amir Khan has a simple trick to repel them, costing just 1p.

Dr Amir Khan shares 1p Hack to Repel Wasps f

"Think about copper, these copper coins"

According to Dr Amir Khan, there is a cheap and easy way to repel wasps and other insects, costing just 1p.

During summer, there is nothing worse than being chased around by insects.

And while you can invest in bug-repellant sprays, they are not completely reliable and some of them can be expensive.

Dr Amir Khan says the trick is to rub a 1p coin on your skin. This should work to repel insects because they cannot stand the way it smells.

On an episode of ITV’s Lorraine, he said:

“Think about copper, these copper coins – we’ve probably got jars of them in our homes.

“But if you rub that on your skin, the smell of copper repels wasps as well.”

Dr Khan urged people to try the coin trick instead of resorting to killing wasps because they are important pollinators.

When host Lorraine Kelly called wasps “evil”, Dr Khan argued:

“No, Lorraine! Wasps have a bad reputation but it’s important to know that they are important pollinators for our plants and flowers.”

He said their predatory nature means they can control the numbers of smaller insects.

Dr Khan added: “They’re not all bad. They only sting as a defence mechanism.”

And if pennies are not quite doing the trick, there are other steps to take.

Dr Khan urged not to annoy wasps as he warned:

“You won’t win that fight.”

He went on to say that it is important to be mindful of outfit choices, noting that wasps are drawn to “bright” colours.

“Whites and yellows, they’re more likely to find you then.

“If you’ve got dark colours on, blues and blacks, they’re less likely to find you.”

Speaking about his burgundy scrubs, Dr Khan said:

“I’m wearing red today because actually, wasps can’t see red. So this part of me will be invisible to wasps.”

He also encouraged people to be mindful of their perfume and aftershave, particularly more floral scents.

For those going on picnics, Dr Khan said cucumbers should be taken.

He elaborated: “They don’t like cucumbers. The skin tastes bitter and acidic to them.”

Meanwhile, Dr Khan’s 1p hack can also be used to keep insects out of your home.

Place a few pennies into a sandwich bag with water and hang the bag up in your windows. The light patterns created when the sun hits the coins will keep flies away as it hurts their eyes.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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